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Panda-flavored Gummy

Panda-flavored gummy. Wonder what that tastes like. Bamboo, probably. :heart:

1024x768 wallpaper, drawn in Flash, colored in Photoshop.
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pandas are really good!

DaSunfish's avatar

OH YEA!!! (hopefully no pandas were injured/killed in the making of this picture). Also if it tastes like bamboo... Piggy Panda

AJlover6000's avatar
i wonder how it would taste
Violeta-Adopts's avatar
Orange, Banana, Lime, Cherry, Raspberry, Cookie and Grape.
Lee-May's avatar
they are so cuteeee
Zazzine's avatar
Pandas eat a little meat sometimes.  It might taste like squirrel.  Good job, this is really cute.
pandashlee's avatar
this is so CUTE!!!!!
XxbellieboogurlxX's avatar
that reminds me of fuzzacademy
PmcDoctah's avatar
may i use it please^ ^:iconsweethugplz:
AniManga661's avatar
i Like those green red yellow and blue ones
Hetastuck4Life's avatar
I think China-kun wants to eat the panda~!
Anywayz,Kawaii aru~!
PrincessPixieDust's avatar
OMG! I love the whole gummy bear stuff! It's too cute! ^_^
All your stuff is adorable I know cows arnt too fluffy but could you ever draw a fuzz academy cow or monkey
thedoughNUTer's avatar
So the black and white panda is gummy flavored as well? lol, jk
now this i have to say!! "Got panda?" <3
xRockingChick's avatar
wish i had that xd
yujilono's avatar
Hi. may I use this to make the menu of my blog? I'll credit you and link you dA page.
kisstna's avatar
But they're endangered mree we can't eat them! Jk that's adorable!
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