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LEGEND - Day and Tess

I wanted to draw Day and Tess in the opening scene of Legend, where they're overlooking the dark landscape of future Los Angeles. This is a scene from Chapter 1 of Legend, which you can actually read here [link] if you're curious. :) Drawing done in Flash, background of cityscape is part of a larger piece I commissioned from a small foreign studio. (And btw, Legend is not a graphic novel. It's a regular novel. :) )


Legend (book 1 of my trilogy being published by Penguin) takes place in a dark future, when the United States has split into two warring countries: the western Republic, and the eastern Colonies. It tells the story of a famous 15-yr old boy criminal named Day vs. a 15-yr old girl detective prodigy named June, and is coming out on Nov. 29 of this year. You'll be able to find it in all bookstores as well as on Amazon, etc. Legend has also been optioned for film by CBS Films and Twilight's production company, Temple Hill!

- Official Legend Site courtesy of Penguin Group (you can read Chapter 1 here!): [link]
- My personal site: [link]
- Facebook: [link]
- Twitter: [link]
- Legend's movie page (run by CBS Films, not me): [link]
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oh my golly wow i love this 
Pyrro1331's avatar
Gosh goodness me. Awesome! I've read the book already and I love Day so much. He's awesome. Loved how you depicted him and absolutely love the background!
Gottis's avatar
Day is absolutely beautiful! :D I'm late to the party/new to the books, but I ADORE Day, and I'm so happy you can both draw your lovely brain child and write about him and get published! I can only imagine how that must feel. :D
Estella-Thorn's avatar
That looks great! It looks exactly how I imagined them when I read the books.
EdwardElric72's avatar
OMG IS THERE GOING TO BE A MOVIE!!?????? i really hope there is!!!!
star-bite13's avatar
I loved this book!
stealthclaw96's avatar
I just finished reading Legend, and I have to say, I really like the series so far, even if I haven't read the second book yet. :love: It's so interesting and you just can't help but find the protagonists likeable! Even though I know Legend's been out for a couple of years now, I just have to say, a big kudos for creating such an interesting and engaging storyline!

The deviation itself is awesome, the background especially is gorgeous!~ I just love the depth the cityscape appears to have, and how dark and shadowy it is.
PrincessPixieDust's avatar
Omygod, Day *drools*
Aww Tess, why'd you become such a bitch? I USED TO LIKE YOU!
I always imagined her as a dirty blonde.
You should draw more of the characters!
I would love to see the rest of Day's family and maybe Thomas
Miso-tai's avatar
At first i imagined this exact picture but for some reason she started to appear dirty blonde to me also xD
I think it was her personality she really annoyed me in the second book.
When-Darkness-Glows's avatar
I'm dirty blonde and I'm not a bitch :'O

haha I understand how that happened thought
Miso-tai's avatar
No, I wasn't emphasizing that all dirty blondes where rude 
The way she acted just gave me an idea of that hair color
Not in anyway did I make that comment to offend anyone
When-Darkness-Glows's avatar
Oh I know ^^ I just found the comparison pretty funny when reading it out of context as a dirty blonde, no offense taken at all :)
SilverCoast's avatar
Tess is not a bitch o,o she has been manipulated... I feel sorry for her to be honest..
PrincessPixieDust's avatar
Yeah, me too. She was really nice and sweet! And then those people turned her into a bitch-ish. 
Miso-tai's avatar
I wouldn't say she was manipulated.
Excuse me but, How did you get to that conclusion?
MidshipmanK's avatar
Aww....Old times. I used to love Tess....
FollowedMyHeart's avatar
I really like this :D
Dandin-of-Redwall's avatar
I'm in love with Day!!!!.....not literally, mind you...HES JUST SO AWESOME!!!! I really hope a movie comes from this, because I would so buy it. I only hope that they do it justice, for many movies made from books can come out disappointing. Oh yes, I hope they make one, lol, everyone I know would be getting the 'Legend' movie for their birthday and for christmas and any other holiday excuse that I could make able to hand it out.
georgia1111981's avatar
Day reminds me of Prince Diamond from Sailor Moon ^ ^'
BookWurm15's avatar
Oh, Tess is a redhead? Awwwww! So cute~
vocadystopian's avatar
They both look amazing! :+favlove:
read-draw-music's avatar
this is absolutely amazing! i loved this book!
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