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LEGEND - Day Kisses June

Might color this later, but for now, here's the sketch. Scene from Legend (coming out Nov. 29). Day and June. As for what's going on here,'ll have to read to find out. ;) See below for description of what Legend is about. :heart: Whenever I have a writer's block, I tend to start sketching scenes from the book, and while it usually doesn't help any, at least I'm doing something while I'm procrastinating on writing. :) Er, don't tell my publisher that. (Pose is referenced from [link] . Kissy scenes are damn hard to draw!)


Legend (book 1 of my trilogy being published by Penguin) takes place in a dark future, when the United States has split into two warring countries: the western Republic, and the eastern Colonies. It tells the story of a famous teen criminal named Day vs. a 15-yr old girl detective prodigy named June, and is coming out on Nov. 29 of this year. You'll be able to find it in all bookstores as well as on Amazon, etc. Legend has also been optioned for film by CBS Films and Twilight's production company Temple Hill!

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loveeditionsFR's avatar
I love the book!! is so perect , amazing 
H-SiMa's avatar
I LOVE THE BOOK!!! i have read the whole series.... i got most of my friends to read it too!
Haineko14's avatar
His hand is going to tha booty
I love this drawing so much! I even drew my own version… I love your book series so much!!!
apridivil's avatar
Love it and love this scene
AudrieRoze's avatar
*Sigh* So ♥Romantic♥
gravityhasnolimit's avatar
I love it! It's just how skinny June is that's scaring me.
Tavarua-the-Jineo's avatar
I love this sketch!! <3 You're such an amazing writer and I am at lose of words to even begin to describe how much I love this series!!! I asked for Champion and the autographed copy of Legend (from The Grove) for Christmas, and I got it! (: I was so excited because this is one of my most favorite series of all time and you're one of my most favorite authors ever!!!!….soooo… to get both of these books and complete my little collection meant the world to me <3
I love this sketch! The facial features and hair might not be how I imagined them in my head but the position and clothing is uncanny 
PrincessPixieDust's avatar
For the love of smexy! *nosebleed* omg feels, so many feels....*sways* Imz okaaaaaaayyyyyy *looks at picture again* *thinks of bathroom scene* Can't....handle.....*passes out from blood loss*
True story, not lying, I had a nosebleed on the bus while reading the bathroom scene in prodigy. You can ask my friend. I got on the bus and started reading (late bus fwi, after school) and I got to that scene. I thought my nose was just runny and sniffed a bit. But then my friend said:
"Dude, you know your nose is bleeding,"
"IT IS! wow I actually got a nosebleed"
"What's that mean?"
"WHAT ARE YOU READING!" *snatches book* *finds page* *pervy smile and eyebrow thing* "You dirty perv,"
"Shut up!"
"Wow you actually got a nosebleed, must be a good author or book to make it happen." *laughs uncontrollably.
EmDreams's avatar
xD Your reaction. Honestly though. That's me. A Day In June. Wait...what? I didn't say anything...BUT THE END OF CHAMPION!!!! UGHHHH
MidshipmanK's avatar
END. OF. PRODIGY. How could you?! I miss this....
Sophronia-Skylark's avatar
I was sobbing at the end of Prodigy! I mean seriously, I'm not going to spoil anything here, but I was wondering if you were going to post any art for it on here? Cause maybe the bathtub scene or something :D Cause I just need some Iparing love now
PrincessPixieDust's avatar
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oh my god i love legend! i've made 2 of my friends read it and they love it 2 :3 awesome book. cant wait for the 2nd one!!
DragonGirl317's avatar
Mree, I love this book so much and this is my favorite scene! I can't wait for Prodigy!! Write/publish faster!! :D
DIUC's avatar
I shrieked when they had this scene (I'm that kind of romance reader) and well...I love this picture:) Oo, and go Legend Trilogy!
Tetra98's avatar
YES I LOVE THAT SEEN!!! Yeah I'm get excited over books. It's not that creepy
That's so cool that you draw scenes when you have a writer's block!! I thought it just me...^_^' I loved the Legend and I can't wait for Prodigy!!
Clockworkbirds's avatar
I loved this scene more than I should have xD
WithoutAsail's avatar
mmm ok the book is already in Spain >.< This afternoon I will find!
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