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Coloring Hair in Photoshop

Alright, the hair tutorial is up! This is undoubtedly what I get the most questions about--how to color hair--so I hope this is kind of what people were looking for. I also included how I color black and white hair, as I did get some requests for a tutorial on how to do that. :heart: Be forewarned, as always, that my style is not meant to be completely realistic and that I *do* use the Dodge/Burn tools quite liberally with hair. If that's not a style you like, then this tutorial may not be all that helpful for you. Also, this is a continuation of the last two tutorials, Skin [link] and Eyes [link] If you don't know what the Dodge/Burn tools are, you might want to look at the Eye tutorial (where I introduce those tools). This tutorial also assumes you have a basic understanding of Photoshop and what layers are. Again, this is done in Photoshop CS but you can also use Photoshop 5.0-7.0 with the same tools and effects.

Hope you enjoy! :heart:
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Lovely....Ok bye going to Practice that :)
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Great tutorial very helpful
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I used your tutorial for this pic here, but I did a bit more to it. ^^
Do you have an account on:
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Thank you!!!!!! :D
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Oh my goodness!!! I LOVE ALL your tutorials they helped me so much, I have Photoshop CS 6 but the same rules apply. I never thought to even do it this way, thank you! :)
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Thanks you so much didn't trough that!
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nice tutorial o3o me likey
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Thank you for this! I am working on a drawing and I am lost, this helps a lot! I have a mouse, no tablet yet, but it's working out fine!
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This is going to help me heaps . thank you
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Thank you so much, these tutorials have helped me out so so much!
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This helped me so much. o.o Even though I use Paint Tool Sai, I managed to try out this way of colouring hair. It's probably the most beautiful hair I've ever made. (at least in full colour) It's not as good as yours, but it better than what I usually draw cx Thank u!
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u might have just saved my brain a lot of strain. thanks great tutorial :D
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Nice tutorial! This should help me a lot :D
Is that supposed to be Dib's hair on the top right?
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muy interesante
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This is really easy to understand, thanks so much! :heart:
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This is reallyreallyreally useful! Thank you for making this!! :squee:
I used this technique, linked back to this tutorial and credited you~ [link] [link]
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Very nice <3 !It's
an absolutely gorgeous
tutorial (:
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awesome technique!
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Thanks alot for this tutorial. Practicing now and I have this down for the most part :D
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