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:star:HI EVERYONE!:star:
:star:¡BUENAS A TODOS!:star:



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Join now at my new character contest!

:star:First: What is the prize?:star:

1st Prize: 3 months of premium membership, free commision from me and 100 points.
2nd Prize: 1 month premium membership and free commision from me.

And for only PARTICIPATE you get TEN POINTS.

By the way, I'll watch every contestant

:star:Second: What is the competition?:star:

Draw one of my characters. You can draw your own character too. The character options are the following:

Isis Von Trato by MRedRaccoon Phenix Oursword by MRedRaccoon Jack Black Bullet by MRedRaccoon Lysandre Goldvoice by MRedRaccoon Leon Horseblood by MRedRaccoon Crystal The Smith by MRedRaccoon

:star:Third Time Limit:star:

The limit of the Competition is 31 August.

:star:Fourth: Rules:star:

No yaoi. Please.

You have chosen to draw the character as closely as possible.

The entry must be sent in a note.

:star:Fifth: Votes:star:

Will choose among the four best (if there is to be 4) and shall be subject to a survey, and the winner of the poll is the winner.

:star: Entries!:star:

Crystal, the smith by MikaniaC
Crystal by :iconmikaniac:

Just some stuff by Fershade
Jack by :iconfershade:

garnetraccoon - Isis Von Trato by fromseatoshiningsea
Isis by :iconfromseatoshiningsea:

Crystal by :iconcreationgirl:

Iris by XRXY by xreikoxyamada

Isis by :iconxreikoxyamada:


Isis by :icongaby-neko:

Crystal by Renezinha

Crystal by :iconrenezinha:


Crystal by :iconthewiltingflower:

Crystal by :iconrare-chan:

Serie medieval 1 by racth seriemedieval 2 by racth

Divers by :iconracth:

crystal the smith by artloverndrmr

Crystal by :iconartloverndrmr:


Isis by :iconplusnine:


Divers by :iconluanya:´

Crystal -GarnetRacoon Contest by YurikaImai

Crystal by :iconyurikaimai:


Crystal by :iconieatchicken:

: Isis von Trato by Usagi-Himeko

Isis by :iconusagi-himeko:


Phenix by :iconamumaju:

Isis Von Trato by Trix92

Isis by :icontrix92:

Phenix Oursword by clvago

Phenix by :iconclvago:

CE: Crystal the smith by Meliiesa

Crystal by :iconmeliiesa:


Leon by :iconwayofthegoo:

Fatal love by torzhinskiy

Leon (and OC Callisto) by :icontorzhinskiy:

Phenix and the Dragon by EdgeKagami

Phenix by :iconedgekagami:

Contest - GarnetRaccoon by Vayreceane

Lysandre by :iconvayreceane:


Crystal by :iconbluebirdapples:


Crystal by :iconchalkori:
I hope you encourage this contest, and tell your friends to participate. See you soon!

:star:THATS ALL MY FRIENDS!!:star:
:star:¡ESO ES TODO,GENTE!:star:


:dalogo: MY OTHER ACCOUNTS :dalogo:

:iconerrorisart: (Active account)
:icon0-tsunade-0: (Past account)

:twitter: MapacheRojo (I speak spanish) :twitter:
:facebook: Marina Red Raccoon (I speak english and spanish)  :facebook:

© 2012 - 2021 MRedRaccoon
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Here's my entry, too!
Hopefully you could accept it :D
Charliesan's avatar
Here's my entry if I still have time [link]
BluebirdApples's avatar
Just to let you know I updated my entry. I'm not sure if that's allowed or not, but just thought I'd let you know I've improved it! :) [link]
MRedRaccoon's avatar
Ok, i'll update at the journal later, okay?
Vayreceane's avatar
My entry~ Hope you like it ^w^ [link]
killer-arts's avatar
comeing soon XD>>>>>
MRedRaccoon's avatar
Yay... Just 7 days and the contest ends!
choco-cherries's avatar
I'd like to join this for fun even though you have some AMAZING entries //shot
MRedRaccoon's avatar
Awww that's too friendly by your part! :la: I'm happy now! So, good luck with the contest (But you only have 9 run run)
choco-cherries's avatar
But it's the truth~ I couldn't possibly compete with the awesome talent up there. But maybe just for fun^^ Thank you, I work wonders under pressure^^ *runs*
MRedRaccoon's avatar
Haha, well, nothing is impossible!
choco-cherries's avatar
So much inspiration <33
ilurvetodraw's avatar
i shall join this
MRedRaccoon's avatar
that's fantastic! :squee:
hanachan4262's avatar
Looks interesting..! I'll try to join..!
WaterWizz's avatar
oh i might tryout for this...
amumaju's avatar
Can I participate? Or it's too late?
MRedRaccoon's avatar
Of course you can!
Silverslight's avatar
Are we able to draw multipul characters in a single peice?
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