squid diagram
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i'd just like to point out that this is not scientifically accurate.. apart from the penis and some other parts
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Banvivirie|Professional Traditional Artist
Yeah very not accurate, but it's super cute. :D It's expression is like, "... my brain is a doughnut."
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I like this but you forgot the renal sacs and drew too many tentacles
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Hibiki-cupcake|Hobbyist General Artist
This is so much cuter than the ones we dissected! :D
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:heart: love this! :heart:
Studying marine biology, and this is full of so much win! :D :D
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omniskriba|Professional General Artist
If science says that squid don't have tiny squid mouths with tiny, tiny squid teeth, the science is WRONG. They should invent a means of hugging digital illustrations on the internet...
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TheCrazedGazelle|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I just want to say, you are missing the coolest part of the squid:


for shame. otherwise, this is beautiful. :3
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mrdynamite|Student General Artist
i thought that was only on an octopus :/ oh well
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TheCrazedGazelle|Hobbyist Digital Artist
I'm pretty sure most cephalopods have them...pretty sure...

the internet tells me some squid have it and some don't. unless you're a Giant Squid, in which case you have a penis AND hectocotylized arms and probably a harem of squid ladies.

but the Greater Hooked Squid has the largest penis to body ratio of any mobile animals (seconded in the entire animal kingdom by some barnacles) and no hectocotylized arm.

fucking squids being all crazy and having a million types of genitalia.
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ziggystardork's avatar
suckers hehe

might not be completely accurate but I like the outline and the eyes (and the penis)
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I'd wear it as a t-shirt! Yay!
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Put that on a t-shirt and i would wear it!
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carcadann|Professional Digital Artist
This is tight! :D Nice work.
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wow parece pito :D pero esta bien padre :D!!!
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Lolololololo mouth.
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I wonder if the horn of a unicorn is also a penis...
Hmm... :iconimthinkingplz:
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blurukus|Professional Digital Artist
can't unsee
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RottenOak| Traditional Artist
I really really like this one! I would love to see you do more like this.
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Comrade-Max|Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yeah not scientifically accurate at all you forgot his hat and cane.
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haha, this made me laugh

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banygirl| General Artist
luv it , just love your stuff, the eyes are sooo.... hmmm squishy :d
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Tigra-Li's avatar
whoaw! i love this, and my favourite parts are the eyes and the suckers!

this reminds me of bob jinx's stuff! slimey and weird stuff, great!
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