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This was for a school project in witch we had to make a flyer based on another flyer.
The flyer i choose was made bij :iconmoodswing08:
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Hi it's very good
can i use for my space like sample.
if is possible.thank a lot
Hi it's very good, can i use for sample for my space.
If is possible , thanks a lot.
Bye Pane
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wich program did you use??
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what is your rate per club/party flyer design? 4x6

please e-mail me here:
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eeeeehmm... i dunno... I guess it would depend on how eloborate the design will be...

but i realy don't have clue ^^;
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"make a flyer based on another flyer."

well at least add some credit to *moodSwing08 for making [link] (unless u talked it through with him ofc)
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Wow i didn't know it was on Deviantart ! we jus got handed a couple of flyers at our school...

Thanx for mentioning it !!
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Fakking nice man :D
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I said: too nice ! i like it a lot, bravo ! :)
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Ooooow... Thanx !!!
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trop malade ! j"aime vraiment bravo :)
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ehm... thanx?
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freakin' sweet! duurde het lang om dat inmekaar te zetten?
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ehm... 4-5 uur denk ik
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