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March 23, 2008
Turrican by ~MrDream is one of those deviations that makes you pause and really take a deep breath before continuing to take in the details. The layout, the style, the colors-- everything is dynamic and makes for a fantastic piece of fan art, and even more importantly, a great piece of artwork overall.
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Turrican fan art. :)
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Lulupusheen1991's avatar

Awesome work on this!Turrican is one of my favorite video games of all time.I love the games for its amazing soundtrack.

the-rotton-core's avatar

Really Love this very inspiring. I'm currently working on some retro pieces in blender. Just finishing up a legacy of kain piece then moving on to something inspired by AvP arcade but I may do a Turrican piece after that because of this image. Great work.

PowerRCP-G3's avatar
One word: Amazing :love:
RaffaeleMegabyte's avatar
Added it to AmigaArtists Group. :D
RaffaeleMegabyte's avatar
Great image! If it was made at age Amiga ruled and Turrican was one of the best sold games, your art could had be used for advertising on newspapers! ^_^ :)
You did one very good job with the fan art of Bren McGuire in the Turrican Suit, I love it =)

One thing that always makes me wounder how much that suit even weighs, if only we could get one estimated guess.
jweinrub's avatar
Great work dude!
Ravn73's avatar
Really good Fanart from my all time Favorite game!

Which Font did you use for the "Turrican" writing?
Screwmon's avatar
Man...this is  AWESOME!!
Przylga's avatar
Great picture!
mad-pure's avatar
very cool! turrican...!
LilB-7's avatar
I just realized that this is on the cover of the Turrican Soundtrack Anthology Box as a Placeholder because the final Artwork isn't ready XD

well, it is an awesome picture and it goes straight to my favorites
Great-5's avatar
In fact, I was just playing Turrican on my Amiga emulator...such a great game :D
TheSilencing's avatar
:O... is there any way to buy this? This is beautiful! Would love to get an even bigger version of it, if it exists!
Prince-Thrakhath's avatar
Sweet memories of my childhood! * _ *
Screwmon's avatar
A-M-A-Z-I-N-G! Really nice man!
TurricanMan's avatar
This is awsome! I loved the turrican series. and this must have taken a while to do, or at least some design thought. you get my fave! and Im off to check your gallery! Love the colors and shapes!
TheWampusCat's avatar
Most awesome Turrican fan art ever. Possibly even the most awesome Turrican image period. I love the stylized designs of the armors used here. Both the Turrican suits and the Machine's armor were a little more plain looking in game.
martinhoulden's avatar

I remember those hardcore days. Of playing Megaman on the verge of a lawsuit ;)
8pixelshigh's avatar
Loved Turrican and love this, very dynamic
Katiria-the-Cat's avatar
When I first saw this pic I thought that you definetely should have a DD, and when I scrolled down I smiled because you allready have it xD
Well what can I say, great game, fantastic music and awesome pic! :faint: :salute:
Big respect to a Classic :)
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