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Yo that knight about to FUCK 12

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Hello, my name is Arlo. I’m writing this to ask you for permission to use your work “Timelord“ in my 10-30 minute Dungeons and Dragons YouTube video. I will not be making any money off of the video. If you give written permission for me to do so, I will display the previously mentioned piece of art that you created exactly one time in my video. If you do not respond, I will not use your work in my video. Thank you!

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oooo. I'm loving this! the colors used and the scene you created. Excellent job!

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Wou, nice concept old and future, Corker!

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Now that is one intimidating time Lord, excellent work my friend.

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omg i..........cant speak? it so great 0-0

WOWOWOW man you're a gifted artist

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Oh hell yes, sci-fi knight on horseback in current time. Nice one. (:

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Woah this is dope

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This is so cool, love it!

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Would love to get to this level👍🏾🙏🏿
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Very cool keep it up!

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Awesome! Great sense of motion and energy!

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this looks astonising, the painted aestetic and the overall color and movement is amazing, the knight's armor and weapons is incredibly well done, and the backround has the sense of an actual city. also the timelord's like: FUCK YOUR GUNS I'M JESUS

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I like it ,Amazing work and imagination , but is the donut and coffee necessary :d

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wow what a masterpiece! :0
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"Threatening an officer with an offensive weapon just added 50 dollars to your fine sir!"
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Weight Watchers controversial new interventionist strategy: "Put the donut DOWN"

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