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Ch. 6.2 - But are we the hunters or the prey?
Jag throws four of his knifes at the beast's legs. All four hitting their marks making the beast fall forward. Sylvia taking this opportunity, swings her scythe downwards in front of Jag and then upwards into the beast neck.
But the demonic turkey flaps his wings, creating a wind strong enough to send itself away from Sylvia and sending her backwards into Jag. Jag catches Sylvia and then quickly puts her back on her feet.
The demonic turkey now was barely able to stand and move thanks to Jag's knifes. But it didn't matter, because it had the ability to attack from afar. As the beast was about to send another wind blast at his attackers, Jag screamed at Sylvia telling her:
"Move around it! He can't move so just tired him out!"
The beast send a powerful current of wind at Jag and Sylvia as Jag was telling Sylvia what to do. But both of them were able to move out of the way of it. The wind was so strong that it was able to uproot the tree that it hit.
Jag and Sylvia runned circles around
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A VERY bumpy start. by MRdrawordie3 A VERY bumpy start. :iconmrdrawordie3:MRdrawordie3 1 52 A bumpy start. by MRdrawordie3 A bumpy start. :iconmrdrawordie3:MRdrawordie3 0 39 Start by MRdrawordie3 Start :iconmrdrawordie3:MRdrawordie3 0 48 Start by MRdrawordie3 Start :iconmrdrawordie3:MRdrawordie3 0 30 No one has authority over the Wind to restrain it. by MRdrawordie3 No one has authority over the Wind to restrain it. :iconmrdrawordie3:MRdrawordie3 1 1
Ch. 6 - But are we the hunters or the prey?
Some go after their prey alone.
Some go after their prey in a pack.
And usually, the prey is caught and killed by the hunter.
Chapter 6 - But are we the hunters or the prey?
Morning, 9:30 A.M. after breakfast. That was the time Jag and Boris agreed to go after the demonic turkey last night. All members of Boris's family get up around 6:00 A.M. to prepare to serve their guests. And Boris needed three hours to convince his son and daughter to do his chores for the day as he went to the nearby forest to hunt for more flesh meat for the guests. His dauther was suspicious about her father's reasoning since meat wasn't something they were going to lack anytime soon and refused to do his work without him telling her why he's going to the forest.
Boris didn't want to tell her the truth because it would worry her to death because he was in no shape to be even close to a fight with a creature like the demonic turkey. And after hours of politely asking failed, Boris had to stick with his lie and
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A quick strike against the wind. by MRdrawordie3 A quick strike against the wind. :iconmrdrawordie3:MRdrawordie3 3 2 Furisode Girl Rosa - small edits by MRdrawordie3 Furisode Girl Rosa - small edits :iconmrdrawordie3:MRdrawordie3 4 1 Furisode Girl Rosa by MRdrawordie3 Furisode Girl Rosa :iconmrdrawordie3:MRdrawordie3 3 2
Jag's Bio
Name: Jag Solnado Avila
Nickname: (Doesn't have one)
Age: 27
Sex: Male
Birth Date: 28th of January, 555 A.G.W.
Blood Type: B-
Height: 1m 82
Weight: 63 kg
Eye color: Brown
Hair color: Blond
Armor, Weapons & Skills:
- A light brown leather chestplate. 6,5cm thick compacted animal lether that protects the chest and back of the wearer. Light enough to not affect movement of the wearer but it will only protect him from claw swipes from the wild animals since it doesn't take much strength to pierce the armor with a blade.
- Twenty two small throwing knives that are inside his two chest straps.
- Capable of throwing a knife faster then most people or High Beasts can react.
Personality: Snarky and playful.
Resultful in a pinch if he can't talk his way out.
Jag knows what he likes and what he wants, and he isn't afraid to fight or in some cases, just take what he wants if he doesn't have the coin for it. Although ever since meet Mikael, he's been stealing less and less.
When he's not at the job
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Sylvia's Bio
Name: ??? (Sylvia forgot her own name over time.)
Nickname: Sylvia. (A name that a mercenary named Jag gave her once Sylvia forgot her own name. Jag thought this nickname suits her well.)
Age: ??? (Age wasn't something Sylvia was keeping tracked. She is noted to be around her early twenties according to Jag.)
Sex: Female.
Birth Date: ??? (Sylvia doesn't know the day of her birth.)
Blood Type: O-
Height: 1,52 m
Weight: 53 kg
Eye color: Brown.
Hair & fur color: Brown.
Favorite color: Blue.
Armor, Weapons & Skills:
- A sword made out of stone that became blunt after time and use. Because of the bluntness of the weapon it will most likely break bones then stabbing someone. Sylvia obtained this weapon after a fight against three wolfmen.
- A advance mechanical scythe that can be manually folded into a compact rectangle for easy carrying. Despite being one and half meters long it is surprisingly light, only weighing a bit over 18 kg. It's completely made out of metal and somehow the scythe b
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Crystal Shard sprites. by MRdrawordie3 Crystal Shard sprites. :iconmrdrawordie3:MRdrawordie3 1 0 Gift to Dan. by MRdrawordie3 Gift to Dan. :iconmrdrawordie3:MRdrawordie3 2 0 A gift to LTblackcoat. by MRdrawordie3 A gift to LTblackcoat. :iconmrdrawordie3:MRdrawordie3 1 4
Ch. 5 - So, what are we getting out of this?
Most people avoid fighting. Why risk getting hurt?
Most fights happen when there's no other choice.
But they also happen when there's something  to gain out of it.
Chapter 5 - So, what are we getting out of this?
"Why would I risk my live going after a monster?!" Sylvia asked Jag, thinking he went insane for going after something that might easily kill him.
"I know. I know." Jag said as he moved his hands back and forward to calm Sylvia down. "Fighting should be the last result and all that jazz."
"But here's the thing Sylvia. People pay other people good money if they go and solve monster problems for them." Jag explained to Sylvia.
"So you just going to risk your live for some coins?!" Sylvia asked, still not seeing the risk worth the reward.
"... Well. Not always." Jag said, which caught Sylvia attention. "Yes, people like me fight for money or some reward that's attached to the fight, but others fight for the 'glory' of a 'fair' battle or for the 'feeling' you get after winnin
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nakedglimmer :icontwilite-sparkleplz:twilite-sparkleplz 137 42
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Behind Shantae Alt Version :iconkyzacreations:KyzaCreations 90 2
Shantae turn (reupload) by KyzaCreations
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Shantae turn (reupload) :iconkyzacreations:KyzaCreations 85 2
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Jag throws four of his knifes at the beast's legs. All four hitting their marks making the beast fall forward. Sylvia taking this opportunity, swings her scythe downwards in front of Jag and then upwards into the beast neck.
But the demonic turkey flaps his wings, creating a wind strong enough to send itself away from Sylvia and sending her backwards into Jag. Jag catches Sylvia and then quickly puts her back on her feet.
The demonic turkey now was barely able to stand and move thanks to Jag's knifes. But it didn't matter, because it had the ability to attack from afar. As the beast was about to send another wind blast at his attackers, Jag screamed at Sylvia telling her:
"Move around it! He can't move so just tired him out!"

The beast send a powerful current of wind at Jag and Sylvia as Jag was telling Sylvia what to do. But both of them were able to move out of the way of it. The wind was so strong that it was able to uproot the tree that it hit.
Jag and Sylvia runned circles around the beast as it was desperately trying to hit them. Jag kept throwing his knives at the beast, but they either missed or hit non fatal areas of it's body. Sylvia tried to get close to deal the killing blow but the beast didn't let her get as much as a meter close to it.
After two minutes of running, Jag noticed three important things about the bird. It was always turning to it's right and only his right. Which made sense, after all, his left eye had a knife on it.
His wind attacks were getting weaker. First it was able to destroy trees as it was after Jag on the treetops, then it was only able to push them out of it's roots, but now they weren't fatal anymore. The beast was running out of magic. And last but not least, it was getting tired faster then him or Sylvia.
With this info in mind Jag screamed to Sylvia again.
"Sylvia! Attack him from his left! He can't see from his left! I'll get his attention!"

Sylvia simply nodded, stopped on her tracks and started running in the other direction. Jag did the same as Sylvia and as they passed one another Jag stopped running and started screaming at the beast.
"Alright you abomination! Hit ME!" Jag screamed as he thrown a single knife at the beast.

The beasts screeches as it send a air wind current strong enough to send the knife back at Jag. Reacting quickly, Jag gets behind the tree that was behind him for cover as his redirected knife hits the tree. Jag kept screaming at the beast as he move between trees to keep the beast attention on him.
While Jag was doing this, Sylvia was seven meters behind the demonic turkey. Waiting for it to be too busy attacking Jag to remember her.
Sylvia grabbed her scythe below it's stem with both her hands. And rushed torwards the beast. Rain drops hitting her face, each step she made sinked into the muddy ground, with her teeth clenched and a look of a angry predator, she closes the gap between herself and the beast and jump at it as she pulled her scythe upwards.
The beast stopped attacking Jack as he heard Sylvia's footsteps and turned his head to his right, catching a glimpse of his soon to be killer.
Time stopped for a second, Sylvia was about to decapitate the beast. But in that one second, lightning struck. From the clouds it came between Sylvia and the demonic beast, almost going into Sylvia's metal scythe.
As the lighting bolt hit and burned the ground it hit. Sylvia and the beast froze in their movements for a second over the fear the lighting bolt's sound and light inflicted upon the two.
But it only lasted for that long, a second. Sylvia pulled her scythe downwards, and the beast tried to move away from Sylvia. The scythe instead of hitting the beast neck, went into the beast's back.
Sylvia landed on her feet, trying to pull the beast into the ground like she did when she hit it on it's shoulders.
But the beast would not go down. It screeched in pain as Sylvia was pushing it down. Which caused the beast to raise his right leg and swatting Sylvia's hands away from her scythe, and then crushing her down into the ground with it.
Sylvia catches the beast's foot as it came down, trying to stop it. But the beast's leg strength was too much for her as it pushed her down into the muddy ground.

"Sylvia!" Jag screamed, worried for her as he ran torwards the beast to save her.

The beast raised his head, and was planning to poke her eyes out with his peak. But as he had his head raised, it got his right eye destroyed as a arrow when into it.
A arrow that came from the bushes away from the fight. A arrow that was fired from Boris.

Taken by surprise by the arrow, the beast lost the strength he was using to keep Sylvia down. Sylvia pushed the beast's leg back at it, making the beast walk backwards for a bit. Jag with this opening grabs Sylvia and gets as far away from the beast as he can before it regained his balance.

With a knife in his left eye, and a arrow in his right, knifes all over his body and legs, and a giant medal scythe on it's back, the beast couldn't stop screeching as it tried to understand why everything was black and painful.
Under all this pain, it started to glow a faint light.

" ...! You two! Get away from it!" Screamed Boris in a panic. Because he knew what the beast was doing. The thing that almost killed him a month ago.

Jag still holding Sylvia ran torwards Boris as the beast light grew stronger. But as Jag had his back turned, a second lightning bolt came down from the sky. And this one went straight into Sylvia's medal scythe.
Sixty million volts straight into the beast's back.
The light that the demonic turkey was generating stopped.
It fell face down into the ground.
Steam was coming out of his body.
It was dead.

Jag stopped and turned to see what happened. While he didn't saw it, he quickly put together what happened as Boris walked torwards him.

"..... Um. Can you put me down, please?" Sylvia asked Jag.

"Oh. Yeah." Jag replied, forgetting for a moment that he had Sylvia in his arms.

"Huh. She's almost as heavy as a guy despite her size." Jag thought to himself after he gently put Sylvia back to her feet.

Jag, Sylvia and Boris standed next to each other in silence. Rain slowly stopped after the second lighting bolt. Stopping completely as the three looked at their kill.

"Seriously? It stops raining now?! After all the fighting is done?!" Jag screamed, annoyed at the rain's timing. "Why am I even surprised?"

Sylvia is the first to walk torwards the now dead demonic turkey. With her right hand she reaches torwards her scythe, only to stop with fear of the electricity that might be in the scythe. She swallows her saliva and then pull out her scythe and then quickly lets it fall into the ground.
She exhales, relieved that her scythe isn't going to shock her like it did with the beast and picks it back up from the mud.

Jag is the second to walk torwards the beast and he pull all of his knifes, one by one, out of the beast, and picked up the ones that were around the field. And puts them back into his chest straps.

"Well. This is done. So, shall we go back Bo-" Jag was cut short with the loud sound of a tree slaming down to the ground.

While Jag was taking back his knifes, Boris picked up one of the trees he cut down earlier and slammed it into the beast's head.

"That was for my gut!" Screamed Boris at the dead beast.

"Wow. Holding a grudge?" Jag asked.

"Yes." Boris replied immediately.

"You know that this isn't even the one that even did that injury, right?" Jag asked.

"I know. And I don't care." Boris replied.

Sylvia remained quiet during this exchange, but then she sneezed and said:
"I'm cold. Can we please go back to the warm place?"

"Yes. Yes we can." Replied Boris. "Just let me prepare the cargo."

"Cargo?" Jag asked, confused as to what Boris was talking about.

Boris cut of the demonic turkey's neck and legs and with the hooks that were attached in his backpack he carried the beast's body back to his village. Jag offered his help to carry the beast for a few extra coins, but Boris refused it saying: "You were hired to fight, not to carry."

Boris with the beast's body walked into the center of the village with Jag and Sylvia following him, wondering what he was planning to do with it. And as they walked, citizens from the village came out of their homes and followed them in awe.

And as Boris reached the center of the village, he lets go of his backpack and the body slams into the ground. Boris turned to the small crowd and said: "With the help of these two young fighters. The beast that thought he could return into our town has been slayed!"
As Boris said this, his left arm extended towards both Jag and Sylvia that were behind him.

There was a moment of silence as the crowd took in Boris's words.
Jag waved his right hand to the crowd, while Sylvia looked at the ground to her left side. Avoiding eye contact with the people as she pulled her cloak's hood to hide as much of her face as she could.

Then some of the people of the crowd walked torwards to Boris, Jag and Sylvia with questions and praise.

"Is this one of those the things that attacked our village and put you out of commission for a while?" Asked a elderly man as he pooked the dead demonic turkey's body with his cane.

"You said you and Kris killed both of them!" Screamed a conserned woman that was now in fornt of Boris.

"We said we took cared of them. Unfortunaly, one escaped. And it returned a week ago. I had it under control and was waiting for Kris to return to finish it safely." Boris explained to the people that was around him. "But those two showed up and helped me solve the problem instead." Boris said as he pointed with his left thumb at Jag and Sylvia that were getting some attention.

"So what did you do?" Asked a young woman.

"Well, the hideous beast was hidding in his cave. So I volunteered to be bait to bring the beast out in the open." Jag claimed proudly.

"You did that willingly?!" A bald man asked schoked.

"Of course!" Jag exclaimed with vigor. "I couldn't let Boris and my partner get themselfs in just a dangerous situation when I was the best suited for this task!"

"But that thing was so fast!" Said a young boy that was looking up to Jag. "You're faster then it?!"

"While I'm proud of my speed, that beast was indeed faster then me young one." Jag said as he closed his eyes. "But my skill with my blades and my sharp mind was more then enough to keep the beast from harming me!" Jag exclaimed as he pulled out three of his knifes in each hand and started juggling to impreess the villagers.

"A female mercenary? That's rare." Said a men that was trying to look at Sylvia's face.

"I-Is that so...?" Sylvia responted as she was still trying to avoid eye contact.

"What did you do lady?" Asked a young girl.

"I... I simply fought along side my partner with my scythe..." Sylvia responted shyly.

"A scythe? What the farming tool?" Asked a elderly woman.

"Y-Yes...?" Sylvia respondent quietly, unsure of what they were talking about.

Jag noticing Sylvia's distress from getting so much attention, he quickly ended his juggling act and rushed to Sylvia's side.

"As much as we would like to talk about our great feats of strength and our hard fought battles. Me and my friend are tired, soaked and a bit hungre." Jag said as he pulled Sylvia close to him and away from the crowd that was starting to form around them. "So, with all do respect, we have to get goi-"
Jag was interrupted as he and Sylvia were then lifted up by Boris as he put them up in his shoulders.
As Sylvia was lifted, her hood was removed by the momentum. Luckly she still had her coif on, so her secret remained save. But both Sylvia and Jag got worried for a second when the hood came off.

"Five cheers to Jag and Sylvia for helping me to keep our village safe from another beast!" Boris asked the crowd with a smile.

"Hip hip hooray!" Screamed the crowd in unison at the top of their lungs.

Jag waved at the crowd with a big grin as he rested his left arm on top of Boris's head. He then looked at his left and saw something he didn't expected to see. Sylvia was also waving and smiling.
She looked unsure and embarrassed at her situation as she slowly waved with her right hand. But she was happy with it. Being praised and getting positive attention, something she probably never got, she was liking it. And she looked happy.

And as the crowd was about to finish their last 'hooray', a single woman screamed a name. "BOOOOOORRIIIISSS!!!"

Boris smile quickly faded and a look of dread was all that was left in his face.
The crowd moved to the sides, leaving a clear path between Boris and the woman.
The woman was a redhead in a brown house dress, and to her sides were Boris son and daugther.
"... Your wife?" Jag asked.
"Yes..." Boris replied with fear in his voice.
"... Could you please not bring us to your house fights?" Jag asked Boris.
"I'm not going to hell alone." Boris replied as he tightened his grip on Jag's and Sylvia's legs.

Boris's wife walked up to Boris as some of the villagers of the crowd walked away.

"... Dear, could you please let go of our special guest and help me carry your hunt back home?" Boris's wife asked with a fake smile and a cheerful tone in her voice.

"...Yes, dear." Boris replied as he put Jag and Sylvia back on their feet, realizing there was no way out of her wrath.

"Here. You look cold." Said Angela as she and her brother gave Jag and Sylvia some rags to help dry off.

"Thanks. Is your dad going to be ok?" Jag asked, concerned.

"Dad's going to be fine. Mom just doesn't like it when he breaks his promises." Boris son replied. "But that shouldn't matter for you. Let's get you two dry and full!"

So Jag, Sylvia and Boris's family walked back to the inn.
Poor Boris got yelled at by her wife and daughter for lying and for going and fighting the same type of creature that made him bedridden once. His son on the otherhand was impressed by his actions.
Back in her room, Sylvia was a bit angry because of her fur was soaked, which takes a long time to dry off even with towels. But she got happier once she and Jag were given new warm dry clothes to wear until their clothes got dry.
Today dinner was chicken soup. Only instead of chicken meat, it was turkey meat.
Jag took four big bowls of soup with bread upstairs where Sylvia was waiting inside her bed. Three of the bowls were for Sylvia of course.

Jag knocked at his door room with his right knee since his hands were full. Which Sylvia slowly opened to make sure it was Jag. And once he walked in, Sylvia took one bowl and jumped back to her bed and covered herself with her blanket before starting eating her soup.
Jag puts two other bowls of soup near Sylvia and then sat down on his bed and started eating his soup.

"... So, what did you think?" Jag asked Sylvia as they eat their soup.

"Think of what?" Sylvia asked as she looked away from her bowl and focused on Jag.

"Of the whole me and you and someone else fighting together to kill something?" Jag answered as he put his wooden spoon in his soup, stopping eating until the conversation was over. "Cause this is usually what I do to make a living. And if you agree to join my mercenary group, then you'll have to do this kind of thing at least... I don't know, once a week?"

Sylvia stop for a few seconds, thinking back to the fight, the cheers and her time when she was alone. "... I... I need more time to decide..." Sylvia answered with a low voice after she drank the soup water.

"... Of couse. Take all the time you need to think it over! Although, even if you don't want to join my group, I still think we should travel together for at least a few days." Jag answered with joy.

"Why?" Sylvia asked with curiosity as she put down her first bowl and reached to her second one.

"Cause it's clear that you need someone to teach you and help you with all kinds of stuff. Which I'm more then happy to help by the way. And I like to travel the lands with a cute gal at my side." Sylvia feels a bit happier with this words. The fact that someone wants to be around her means a lot to her.
"We both will be better off with each other company then without it. At least that's what I think." Jag said as he hold his spoon and started eating his soup again.

Sylvia stops eating and thinks over this. "Better off with each other company then without it." She doesn't know if she should believe this or not as she takes a bite of her bread.

The two remain silent for a while as they eat. At least until Jag started craking bird and thunder jokes. None of which was able to make Sylvia laught, but she liked being talked to.

Night came, and almost all the people in Kris village was asleep. One of who was awake was Boris, who was walking torwards the biggest building of the town with a torche on hand. The building was basically a mini mansion that belonged to the leader of the village, Kris the second.  Boris stops in front of the front door, digging his hand into his right pocket that was at the side of his leg, looking for the key to open the door.
After finding the key he opens the door, gets inside and then locks the door.
He walks from the entrance torwards the main dining room, where someone was waiting for him. A young teenage girl that was sitting in front of a table with a candle in the middle of it. She was looking to the outside from one of the room's windows, as the light of the candle reflects from the glass of the window.

"So... There was a high beast right nearby." The girl said in a condescending manner, not turning away from the window to look at Boris.

"There was." Boris answer with a straight face and a monotone voice.

"And I was not told of this becauseeeeeee?" The girl asked, looking a little ticked off about this.

"Cause you didn't need to know." Boris answered keeping his monotone voice.

"The hell kinda answer is that?!" The girl screamed at Boris as she now turns her gaze from the outside torwards to Boris.

The girl gets up and walks torwards Boris as she raises her voice. "This is my town! My home! If those things are this close to it then I SHOULD be informed about it!"
The girl is now in front of Boris, despite the big height difference between the two she looks into his eyes and asked one question. "Why?! Why do you never, EVER, tell me when this things are right at out doorstep!?"

Boris simple replied with, "Cause your father doesn't want you to rush into a fight where you could die, Kris."

The girl who's name was also Kris simple replied with a loud "Blah!" as she turned away from Boris. "My old man will always think I'm not ready! But you know damn well that I'm not a frail woman anymore! You should have told me about that bird!"

"So I should had betrayed my best friend trust for you to prove a point?" Boris asked with a bored look in his eyes.

Kris sighed loudly. "And hire mercenaries that we know jack and squat is better?"

"At least we won't be crying if the worse came to them." Answered Boris.

"Yeah, yeah, yeah..." Kris said as she was getting more and more annoyed with Boris.
Kris sat down back at her chair that she was before and looked at the outside again. "I've heard one of them was a woman. What did she looked like?"

"Quiet, reserved, strong, skilled, fast, looked young-" Boris said before being interrupted by Kris.

"Young? What like me?" Kris asked as she looked back at Boris. Curious about the mercenary woman's age.

Boris replied with, "She looked young like you, but I don't know if she's as old as you."

"Hmmm..." Kris thought herself. "Maybe I'll go and meet her..."
Ch. 6.2 - But are we the hunters or the prey?
Part 2 of 2

Jag and Sylvia vs Demonic Turkey
Hunters vs Prey

Chapter 6 (Part 1 of 2):

Chapter 7: Currently trapped in my mind.


No journal entries yet.




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