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Creepyplasta: Slender Boy :iconmrdpom:MrDpom 0 2
Mature content
Creepyplasta: Pyromaniac Enya :iconmrdpom:MrDpom 2 6
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Monologue of the Dead World
I invite you to hear a story.
A story of a world that had ended.
Where nothing was born and nothing dies.
Not even passing time exists in this world.
If I were to pick a world to be born into,
I don’t think I would pick this world.
But in that world, such as it was, there was someone.
A young girl in a white dress.
The girl lived alone in a world that had ended.
That empty and still world.
The girl's life was very lonely.
There was no one else besides her.
That was only natural after all in this dead world.
She lived in a small wooden room.
The windows were stained but light shined through.
There was a small wooden table and chair, but nothing else.
I did not know what was outside those walls.
She spent her time gathering bits and pieces of scrap.
Placing them one after the other to create something new.
This world was dead, but filled with leftover scrap metal.
Eventually she built a small metal body, a shell.
That body she built was for me.
But I had to ask myself.
Did I want t
:iconmrdpom:MrDpom 0 0
It Was Just a Party
It was the last day of school for the year and I was looking forward to the holidays, sleeping in, gaming all day and best of all no school! Just as I was about to leave the classroom a girl in my class called me over, but it wasn’t just any girl actually it was the girl I’d had a crush on for years. Her name was Vanessa; she had long brown hair and bright blue eyes, a killer with the guys. She invited me to a party at her house to celebrate the end of the year. I said I’d be there without hesitation, even though I’m normally not the party type of person. The party was at 8 pm, but I still hurried home to get ready. I got home to find a brand new bike sitting in the garage; I quickly went inside to find out who it belonged to. “Hey Mum. Whose bike is that down stairs?” I asked. “Oh that’s yours sweetie. A present from your father and me for passing this year, hope you like it.” She replied. I was stunned, I ran over and hugged her t
:iconmrdpom:MrDpom 0 0
Within the Darkness
In the dead of night, when all things go silent, darkness covers everything.
Unable to see with your eyes, you are forced to use touch instead.
While you roam the darkness, that feeling of being watched by something hiding in the shadows, something you cannot see. You don’t want to look, you can’t look.
Fear takes hold of you, the fear controls you.
But what lurks in the darkness?
Monsters? Demons? Ghost? Angels?
Are those things even real to begin with? Of course not, they are just mere myths and legends.
Or are they? These things can be real in one place, a place hidden from us, a place we have barely visited. The human brain. For in the depths of your mind lies your greatest fears, hopes, dreams, regrets and even your forgotten nightmares. Nightmares that torment you, make you fear the darkness, the shadows, and those things that lurk within it.
But think for a moment, who or what creates these monsters? Why ask? You know the answer. Its you of course. Instead ask yourse
:iconmrdpom:MrDpom 0 0
Do you Remember?
Do you remember back when we were kids? I do. Some of my best memories are from back then, of me and you. I guess they weren't always good times, sometimes you’d pick on me and call me names, or eat all the food before I got any. But other times you were so kind and caring, you’d look out for me at school when mean kids came to pick on me. It was nice, having a protector. Its silly, but sometimes when I’m in bed, trying to sleep, my memories will wander back to those days. Like on my first day of school, do you remember? Mother told you to make sure to look after me and keep me safe, you pretended you didn’t care and we walked off to school together. But every time we crossed the road you’d always take my hand and keep me close. It was nice, feeling safe. There was also that other time when I was waiting at the school gate for you alone, then a bunch of big kids came out of no where and started teasing me. I didn’t even know them but they wouldn
:iconmrdpom:MrDpom 1 0
Chains and Heart Strings
I still sit here thinking of what could have been. I guess that what makes me a fool, though I try to move on, start a new, I find myself tethered to you. An unbreakable chain that seems as if its going to last forever, age will not effect it, rust will not erode it. So I keep thinking, keep torturing myself. Maybe I could have done something? Maybe I did something wrong? I probably did, sounds like me to ruin something so magical, so sweet. Look at me, I am pathetic! Sitting here, holding tightly onto the few things that still remind me of him. His warmth, his words, his smell. Try as I might I cannot let go, the chain does not relent, I thought maybe with time it would go away. Thats what they always say, give it time. Alas, my heart still aches with pain when I see your name, when I hear you mentioned, when I hear people whisper. It hurts, the pain hasn't faded completely.
My love is now split between two, the man of tomorrow, and the man of yesterday. I knew the man of yesterday fo
:iconmrdpom:MrDpom 0 0
A Dance with an old friend
A sword polished with blood, armor dented and scratched, just another whetstone. A battle unlike any I’ve faced before, not a battle for pride, nor glory; not even a matter of survival. This battle was for revenge, cold and weary revenge. There he stands, an old man now, his face scarred and frail with his skin hanging from his creaky bones. His sword is drawn, but he is already wounded, blood dripping from his chest. His ragy old cloak dances with the wind as he takes his final breaths, each one more difficult than the last.
I look at him, studying his every aspect. From his fuzzy grey hair blowing the wind like a sail, to his termite riddled wooden peg leg . He yells at me, barking orders and threats like the pirate captain I once knew, though his words fall on deaf ears. He is alone. The bodies of four of his fellow sea dogs surround him, slowly rotting in the warm afternoon sun. Crows swarm the courtyard, on the fences, trees and even the dry ground. Each begging for a taste
:iconmrdpom:MrDpom 0 0
A battle of Opposites
“Surrender now, or I shall take your head! She  fox...”
The blue hooded gentleman demands as his arm turns to a curved blade of solid ice.
“Big words coming from a snowman! HAHA! SNOWMAN! I’m so witty  XD ”
the young lady retorts with a giggle, flicking her long red hair back,
tightening her grip on the twin blades she wields.
“You’ll regret those words when my ice meets your skin, little girl.”
He yells as he leaps forward
In an instance he was a mere inch away from her throat,
his swing just short of the skin.
She moves like a cat, her body bending and twirling to avoid the slashes, embers sparking on the tips of her fingers before quickly flashing into a roaring flame. Her feet finding the stable earth before she hurling the hungering flame at him, its ruby glow glittering as it reflected off his gem like blade. The flame skims his body, his cloak set ablaze like the tip of a match. Though the flame did not last long against
:iconmrdpom:MrDpom 0 0
Some Thoughts #1:
What do I feel?
I’m not really sure.
I’m not sad but I do have my moments.
They can come in waves, sadness, self lowving.  
Perhaps thats normal.
They tend to pass.
But just a simple insult can set it off,
more or less from someone Id call a friend or maybe more.
But I wouldn’t call it depression, just... how I am.
Most of the time I’m quite at peace,
isolation is nice.
As long as there are people in reach.
I like opinions.
I don’t like being forced to do something.
I don’t like being ordered around by my equals.
I don’t plan ahead I just live in the moment.
Thought that sounds a lot more romantic than it is.
I've thought about the future, but there are no real plans.
Can’t say I really know what I’m going to do,
get a job? What job? Where will that lead?
Everyone else seems to have a plan.
University here, job there.
They all seem confident.
Me? I don’t even know.
It scares me to a point so I don’t think about it.
:iconmrdpom:MrDpom 0 0
At least we are Alive.
In this world there is only two things after birth we are granted.
Life and then Death.
Some are given decades of the first, some are given seconds.
But in the end we all get the same amount of the latter.
Not matter how hard we fight.
Some choose to dwell on such a matter, the old, the sick, the young. All fear it to a point.
While others are able to embrace and accept it, even wish for it.
But it matters not, for it’ll happen to all of us eventually.
To some life is only better than death because they understand life better than death.
Death is unknown, we die, we no longer walk with the living, speak nor breath. We just stop.
What is on the other side? Is there even an other side? Perhaps not. Perhaps so.
We cannot truly know until the Reaper comes knocking at our door.
But this very question has ironically resulted is people spilling anothers blood.
Wars have raged arguing over who is right and who is wrong.
Sending more and more to find the truth, while never returning it.
:iconmrdpom:MrDpom 0 0
The Journey of an Eternal Winter.
Awoken from his slumber,
a crimson haired girl calling his number.
Confused but dazzled by her igniting beauty,
he hesitantly accepted her call to duty.
Let the adventure begin,
for this scruffy Feline in pale skin.
Cursed with corrupted power and a tormented history,
most of his memories are clouded in mystery.
But flashes of his forgotten past,
have begun to bring it all back fast.
Eventually it shall return,
and his personal tragedy he shall learn.
But for now he’s the white knight of winter,
his aura of cold so intense armies will splinter.
Uncontrollable reapers touch,
body heat won’t amount to much.
A body frozen to the bone,
he’s the new king of the ice throne.
But a King without people to rule,
his proud race comparable to a decaying ghoul.
So long he was lost in that blizzard,  
his heart and blood went cold like a Lizard.
But to see his people now left in rusty chains,
brings a new sense of boiling to his icy veins.
One and a half centuries passed,
:iconmrdpom:MrDpom 1 0


Sorry, I am late by kandasama Sorry, I am late :iconkandasama:kandasama 4,652 239 Shelsha by yangtianli Shelsha :iconyangtianli:yangtianli 387 36 jeff the killer 3 by AmetrineAngel jeff the killer 3 :iconametrineangel:AmetrineAngel 3 2
Word Replacements for 'said'
Since there is no right category to put this in, I will enter this is a journal post.
I was reading up on a tutorial somewhere and there was a short list of words to replace said with, since said becomes very dull and may be overused…
argued, asserted, barked, bawled, bellowed, complained, countered, cried, demanded, disagreed, exclaimed, fussed, growled, grumbled, hissed, howled, huffed, quipped, ranted, raved, retorted, roared, screamed, screeched, shrieked, snapped, snarled, sneered, sputtered, squawked, yelled.
asked, answered, agreed, begged, disagreed, explained, implored, inquired, interrogated, posed (as in a question or theory}, pressed, pried, proposed, queried, questioned, replied, requested, responded, retorted, suggested.
breathed, croaked, gasped, grumbled, hissed, mumbled, murmured, muttered, prayed, purred, squeaked, whispered, whimpered.
barked, bawled, bellowed, called, cried, exclaimed, hollered, howled, roared, screamed
:iconmorningofdecember:MorningOfDecember 4 4
your way home
Follow the road beneath your feet
To see where it may take you
Count the stars along the way
Let the moon be your guide
You may or may not know where to go
Let your journey be just that
Wherever you are
Wherever you may go
Eventually you will find your way home
:iconmorningofdecember:MorningOfDecember 2 1
Ficha PL: Artemis by Shao-Lang Ficha PL: Artemis :iconshao-lang:Shao-Lang 9 11 Foggy Forest at Night by LeeGamerGal Foggy Forest at Night :iconleegamergal:LeeGamerGal 5 4
Nounou The Eternal
Nounou was a 2 million years old young man, he was immortal like all the inhabitants of his planet, but he wasn't happy with his life, he finds it boring and meaningless. Nounou loves reading, He used to spend most of his time reading about mankind, how they live dreaming and searching for possible ways to immortality, die quickly and move to other worlds.
After years and years he decided to fulfill his dream and travel to planet earth to see by his own eyes how humans live and try to find a way to experiment death, like humans do.
His family did not like the idea, "you are mad! Do you really think that humans exist!" said his mom, His dad was silent as usual, but pain was visible in his eyes.
One ànight, he stole his father's shuttle and started his long trip to the earth. Nounou was impatient and happy, but he lost the map on his way so, he was obliged to stop in multiple planets to ask for the way to earth.
He spent thousands of years to finally achieve his goal, he had an in
:iconaerohana:Aerohana 2 7
Dreams And Nightmares
Back in the ancient times, when man was still a simple creature, yet to create wonders of the world, people had only the chores and jobs of the day to stay busy. Children would play in the fields, while helping shepherd the cattle, men tend to the fields, women tend to the homes, and the elders quietly watching over everything, only telling their stories before bed.
During the night, all the people slept, without any dreams or nightmares. But when Komodia saw this, she was displeased by how mankind did not have happiness throughout all of their lives. She wished for all to have happiness and amusement, even if there was none during the waking hours of the day. So, she went to Hecate, the goddess of magic, to have a spell placed on man to allow them to have happiness during their sleep at night. Hecate was one who despised man, and manipulated Komodia’s wish for man to include evil and malice to plague the minds of every man, woman, and child every night.
Komodia approached Hecate
:iconleegamergal:LeeGamerGal 2 2
Octavia's puppy, Buddy! by glee24 Octavia's puppy, Buddy! :iconglee24:glee24 2 2 Smile by DrawingReaper Smile :icondrawingreaper:DrawingReaper 4 2 Gladiator by DeadThomas Gladiator :icondeadthomas:DeadThomas 1 1
Megumi : identity
just a bit misunderstood
just a little overlooked
just another day alone
just another hour spent in selfpitty
just another minute spent trying my best to understand
why does life treat me this way?
will anyone ever actualy stop and look at me?
will I ever find love?
my teacher tells me I will.....
if I would "Get out into the world."
"Tune in to what others are saying."
"Stop hideing behind your talent."
why won't she see?
I do get out in the world
I do tune in
it's all I am
it's all I have
My talent is my identity
without it I am no one
a shadow in the vision of existance
so next time she tells me to stop being myself
I'll just remind myself how USELESS and ALONE I am by feeling pain
because that is all I know
and sadness that never shows
because I put on a smile when I should be crying
I lie in the face of tortureing words
because it's all I can do to protect my otherwise fragile heart
so teacher?
am I good enough today?
to earn your
:iconametrineangel:AmetrineAngel 1 2
I'll search for you forever by AmetrineAngel I'll search for you forever :iconametrineangel:AmetrineAngel 3 2 League of legends,Volibear by Moldavius90 League of legends,Volibear :iconmoldavius90:Moldavius90 4 0 Jeff the killer by AmetrineAngel Jeff the killer :iconametrineangel:AmetrineAngel 2 18




So I haven't really been doing much lately, not on this site anyway. 

Currently I'm working on my big ass Book/story. Might start posting pieces of it later, though it currently my big main project. 

In the mean time, feel free to ask for any freelancer work, free unless you want to donate I guess lol. 


MrDpom's Profile Picture
Artist | Hobbyist | Literature
New Zealand
Hey I'm Simon, you can call me Dpom, said D-pom like the nick name for British people.
Stands for "Don't Piss On Me" There is a short story to it.

First of all, I do writing requests if you give me an idea and I find an interest in it. So don't be a afraid.

I have a few hobbies. Creative writing which I rather like when I'm in the mood.
Sometimes I do poems if I feel up to it and sometimes I even write raps or rewrite songs, though honestly they aren't great.

I like to play video games, mostly League of legends at the moment. Silver Trash FTW find me on OCE TinyDpom :D

I also Like anime, I've watched like 80 so far, all dub expect 1 or so. I simply prefer being able to listen instead of reading. I hate reading ironically.. well hates a bit strong, just don't prefer it. It makes me sleepy. My favourite anime is Clannad without a doubt.

I probably come off a bit more serious than I mean to online, though honestly I'm pretty immature and chill. I like to joke around and flirt with pretty girls that give me the chance. So really Im not different to most teen guy nerds.
Two things I'd say outline me is Laziness and sincerity(when im being nice).

My dream? Umm i guess being a renown auther would be nice. Making cash from writing would be nice.
Id also like to be a skilled gamer, though that's probably even less likely.
I lack motivation you see. That drive that really makes talent.

Anyway, thats me. Stick around, ask me questions, etc.



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