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As you can see I've been doing the covers for Pendant Audio's Tabula Rasa . Although only the first four shows have aired (as of me writing this entry) naturally i'm working a few months in advance so there are a few entries in my collection here that haven't gone to air yet. As you can see I changed up my style a bit, for the better. Looking at Covers 1-4 i'm thinking...really?..heheh. But the later ones I'm very happy with. If you agree please comment....hello?..anyone there?... lol
i tumble for ya, i tumble for youuuuuuuu...

that's right, not only am I quoting Culture Club, I'm letting you know i've got a tumblr

Cleo Comics

Go have a look see!
Well isn't this exciting?

Got a little gig as cover artist for Pendant Audio's Tabula Rasa and Shakespeare Presents.

I know this isn't old news, however although i did the art months ago, it's only now that people get to see it on their website. WooHoo!

Actually quite happy with the way a few of these turned out, i know they're not perfect but i'm improving!

Although I've changed my style for the Tabula Rasa covers to more of the painted look, i'm still going to keep up my 'comic' look. I do love that style of art and I defiantly want to improve my skills in that area.
Added a couple of new works. :)
I've had this account for over a year and it's taken me this long to stick some artwork on it. Lazy? Probably.
Going to try and make it a regular thing now. I want to improve my artwork and use my spare time a bit more wisely :)