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Herb the Worm page 01

By mrcrypt
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This is Herb the Worm.

Herb is a pot-smoking hippie worm who lives in a secret pot farm hidden in a corn field.

It was supposed to have been an annual comic for a monthly magazine (or so). I submitted it to a monthly magazine, but they never returned my emails. I probably broke some kind of protocol... or made some other kind of mistake.

This strip is meant to be 24 pages. I may get back to this in the near future... we'll see.

Enjoy :wave:
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I'm finding it hard too so I'm just going to self publish if I ever get it all worked out... (I must read this slowly and with Mr. Weed hehehe) I have Mr. Bud on the side, he might work too? 

You should do the motion books, they're letting me do Mr. Weed. They half to okay the work but you should look into it. Madefire is who they are, their cool people. (May the smoke be with you... hehehehe) :D (Big Grin) 
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I'll definitely look into it, man. THANKS!

The tides are turning and "working for myself" might actually be an option.

Herb has always been a good back-up option. Something to consider.

Thanks again - Be well =D

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I hope to see how it works out... You to :)