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I got a diploma in medadesign, studied at TAD from 2012 till 2014 and since 2015 I'm continuing that at Bethany College Applied Arts.

My main focus currently is illustration for fantasy tabletop games and book covers and everything related.

You can also find me on artstation:…

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Mike Mignola
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Rock'n Rolla, Taken
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Jim Butcher
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I'm currently working on my Diplomarbeit. Means I got a whole lot of work for a little piece of paper which says I'm a Designer^^ I'll be uploading WIPs and hopefully some finished stuff soon
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so what does one write in his journal? Well happy new year to everyone (who is reading this... ;P ) Anyone feeling the urge to visit my city can do so here
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Hi there ! Hi!
Will you be interested to test the limits of your creativity skills and win 1 week feature ? La la la la

Here is a little game that may interest you : Winner Airborne


Have a nice day ! I love deviantART!:iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3::iconbummy1::iconbummy2::iconbummy3::iconbummy1:
Many thanks for watching me♥ n_n
i hope you have a nice day♥ :hug:

Hey, I just started working on a comic book idea. I don't have a lot up yet, but I really enjoy your work and I was hoping you could go through and tell me what you think of my comic book idea...
As you said... there's not much to look at... Only thing I can tell you: put a sh*tload of work into your characters, make them interesting, make them look interesting, give them something special... Make them unique. And then give them a reason to be in that story of yours.

If you want a good story you first need a good plot. Plot means: why does something happen? and: how is it connected to all the other stuff (characters etc.).

For the bad guys: I think there is a quote, that says: a hero is only as good as his enemy. Means if Superman gets to fight guinea pigs he'll never look like a superhero... more like a total moron.
So bad guys very important.

Now we got the look of your comic. What makes a Comic look good?
Colors: black and white can be pretty kewl (--> Sin City)
If you decide to go for a coloured version, be careful not to become to colourful.
If your Comic is about steampunk and zombies you might want to go for desaturated colours. It's not a must but I think that would suit.

There probably more I could tell you, but it's late (or early however you define it) and I don't get paid for this, so good bye for now ;P
We're still in the brainstorming stage, but important parts of plot are already thought out. I don't want to put out too much information in fear of it being stolen at this point. I really need to think of the stuff that goes between those parts.
Bad guys: Some of them are really evil (the first guys a rapist) but the good guys aren't really good. Definitely not superheroes. But there are going to be lots of different bad guys since it's about bounty hunters.
I think I'm going to try for a style similar to [link] and [link]
Sounds good so far...
If your "good" guys aren't white knights in shining armor that's a great plus because that means they got flaws and weaknesses and that's what makes someone interesting.

If your bad guy is a rapist, that sure doesn't make him a nice person. But is he also intelligent? Does he at some point outwit your characters? is he a worthy foe? That's what I meant.
Another approach would be (especially if your good guys aren't really good) to give the bad guys aspects that would make them look more like good guys.
But don't make the bad guys cooler than the good guys if you don't want your readers to take sides for the Dark Side (I know they got cookies...).

For style: If you want to go for that certain kind of style: try it. Do experimental stuff. See how you best arrange your pages. I'm saying this because what I've seen from you so far don't look like anything from those two links at all. Plus as far as I can tell though it might look like it's a quick and dirty style it sure ain't easy.
But do try it because that style would fit quite well I think.

I'm still not getting paid... there must be something wrong. ^^