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Lifeguard Loona

Loona is a character from a youtube cartoon short called Helluva Boss by Vivziepop
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excuse me but I will now drown in the water

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When did she sign up for that position?

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Make an uncensored version

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Absolutely Beautiful <3!

MDTartist83's avatar

That's a nice look for her.

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Iiiiiiii, Don't think Loona has the right personality for a Lifeguard if we're ALL being honest here.

fallout-jeff's avatar

I think it just makes it better (speaking inside the fantasy setting of course)

MDTartist83's avatar

Yeah. Especially since she has an EXTREMELY bad attitude.

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One crank ass lifeguard. Perfect.

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Loona is many things

sexy? yes. A furry? yes. A sexy furry? yes.

someone I'd trust to save my life? no.

im gonna date her

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I think I'll take my chances drowning.

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Oh you're gonna drown alright.
Whether you want to or not. She's got a record of zero survivors to keep
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She's gonna let a lot of people drown.

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Loona: they don't pay me enough to care *goes back to her phone*

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hot wolf lifeguard

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Can you be so kind to draw wearing a bubble suit before exposing his rear like this: (full clip)

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help i'm drowning in your love

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