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I just recently realized that I've hit a new high when it comes to my pageviews. Right now I have 13,177 pageviews and it makes me happy that so many people have checked out my profile here on deviantART.

To celebrate this great progress I'm making I have accepted a lot of different types of artwork for this feature. I'm happy that there was such a variety of different photos, literature, paintings and so forth - because that's what deviantART is all about. The great community, the great variety of people.

So with no further re due I now present the third feature I'm doing as a celebration of 13,000 pageviews and counting. Love you all for the great support!

My latest work
Nine Windows by MrColon A Stone Tale by MrColon Apartments by MrColon Modernity by MrColon Self-comfort Blarney by MrColon Cruiser to a Thousand by MrColon His Wingman by MrColon The Classic Joy by MrColon Thunderbird by MrColon

#1. Literature
PlaygroundOh how I want to go play with those other kids.
But will they want to play with me?
I might be icky to them or maybe even cool.
I think I'm a nice person,
so they should like me.
But I'm oh so nervous to go over to them.
My feet won't move,
I'm pretty sure there isn't sticky gum
under my brand new sneakers.
I wish they could come over,
everything would be much easier.
Why must I bring this situation upon myself?
I always make myself nervous.
Why me?
Maybe I should toughen up, and just go over.
I feel my feet moving, but wait! I'm not ready!
Oh no! They see me? What should I do?
It's already too late because they all stare at me.
Just smile, you'll be alright, just hang in there.
Will I Paint it Black?I want to paint a picture of my heart for you.
A black canvas
a blank slate of darkness
how I was before
you found me
There is a light somewhere
out of focus, yellow
in the upper-right corner.
There is midnight blue sand along the bottom
prickly and thin
deep enough to engulf us both.
Red passion slowly melting
the stone that
once was a heart.
Violet wings fluttering softly
around my mind
behind my green eyes.
Pink blush covers
a dark bruise
in my self worth.
I'd show the painting to you
but I fear you'd misunderstand.
You see, I'm not sad anymore.
I was broken.
You are the one
who is fixing my soul
and stopping me from
painting it black.
To PerceiveShe pulled at the ties, murmuring logic in sickly sweet tones.
She breathed in yesterday and let it go-
Released it so it would burst in the Sun.
She pulled apart the threads-
The connections of skin and nerve endings until
She saw the world in a new and different way.
She hid behind the mirror,
Asking her reflection to play sentinel
As she learned to crawl past old, dead ends.
She released the marrow from its bones
And woke up the music in songbirds' throats.
She whispered dreamscapes into wide-open minds and
Tried to breathe back in the dawn.
She's tired and worn; somehow still moves on.
She sings about bags of wool as she
Replays old nursery rhymes against her teeth and palate.
She snips fragments of red cloth and paints them
Into a cohesive picture…
But there's no big bad wolf to gobble her whole.
(Just her own actions and lack of control.)
She pulls at the ties,
And manages to free her hands…
And her hands are wings and dreams and
The chance to wake up and sing.
She says

#2. Drawings, paintings and digital art
:thumb182350654: self-portrait inked by roxas7 Woman 3 by DPasschier Woman by DPasschier My Autumn Girl by shadow-silhouette Lord of Time, The Other II by Uranus-seventhsun I love to fight by Seigner Bind by Uranus-seventhsun Portrait of a Rhino by Jezzy-Fezzy BG trial_village by lotusbiru Head on a plate by design-fatality Who by design-fatality Martini Antoinette by shadow-silhouette DEO.R FREEEDOM by Estheryu :thumb180027018: Forever by Zekfir Swashbuckler by RoCueto From the highest tree by effortlessness The Lost Scope by orcasforever Foreign Lands by ady20079 :thumb182285827: Spirits by Asynja War by Asynja :thumb151173086: Blue Twist of Light on Crows by orcasforever

#3. Photography
L. D O W N P O U R by elieang Preludio al Vals No.23 by Ferlugosi :thumb180609554: dreamy bouquet by calincio down the barrel. by footypie onu$eibmoz_ede$uqata by Ferlugosi she looks like the real thing by siedemzeroiks the moment's already passed by siedemzeroiks Dream Gazer by bigtgentry Princess of the forest by KiaraBlackPhotograph Launch by kuniophoto :thumb182180545: Railway II by HQheart go west by maddi-jane :thumb181580741: :thumb178735028: The painter by kipkipod John Walter Museum by alexettinger Monolith Tower by KJH-Photography Good Ol' Empire State by KJH-Photography Albertville III. by anarae22 Sit Back And Relax by Schweigart Vintage Wings by rainbowrays Concentration, Determination by emirasmussen Raindrops on my sunflower. by elieang last sign of life. by footypie Plush by ApoTerra Desolate by saadk07 Apocalyptic Sunset v1 by coby111 The power of my reflection by Schweigart Hola by Ferlugosi
The colours of red and green. Roses and grass. But although that's the initial thought; this feature contains a varied mix of photos with the theme red and green.

A couple of days ago I opened my second feature thread on the thumbshare forum and this time I got a great response. Red and green is the theme and I thought I would get a majority of photos of roses and grass and leafs. But I was wrong; I received a wonderful mix, as you will notice.

What does the colour red mean? The first thing that comes in mind is love. Although that's the case for many - red can also mean murder, insecurity. Red is a conflicting colour. It's the colour of the devil and the colour of love. It's the colour of war and the colour of life.

So what about green? Not too surprising, green is the colour of nature and well-being. But some photographs with green in them are also mysterious. The colour is seldom sending a negative feeling, most often it's about happiness and nature.

Examples from my gallery
Been Too Long by MrColon Bent by MrColon Mortified Worker by MrColon Wound Up by MrColon The Trail by MrColon Hill Climbing by MrColon Brave Don't Hesitate by MrColon I wonder by MrColon Patty and Lilly by MrColon The Balance Hoax by MrColon The System by MrColon

Submission from others
:thumb178124477: Notes in Bloom by Thespianna Darkness by vampirose Rose from the sea by 91Elena91 www dot Berry dot com by Tap-Photo-and-Co The Red Crystals by Tap-Photo-and-Co Autumn Leaves. by FSGPhotography Autumn is back by geko78 Greeting the Sun by Katzilla13 :thumb152665391: the same change by KingStephenArthur Contentment by austinbphotography What is it? by BSerPhotography Fargo by DPasschier A Change In Mood by DPasschier Closed For The Season by amixedbag :thumb156700027: You can't win. by Umfridus :thumb176747662: Lights by Bloggg Fancy Pahty againe by ThisIsMyKoolioName

Red silence by Tap-Photo-and-Co Crawling in the green by 91Elena91 Libelle by L-Netz NeighborNextDoor by kuniophoto Ladybird III by cha0tic-kittie Rest Stop by Thespianna Leaf by ImpatientButterfly :thumb68214637: Textures from Fall by alahay Abstract Leaf. by FSGPhotography Wet and Dry by DPasschier :thumb181561704: Without any doubt by Fant0me :thumb157336127: :thumb174071538: Vine by elieang The Art of Geometry by Katzilla13 :thumb176507456: :thumb131133755: Ocular Awesomness by coby111 :thumb177382281: :thumb127387584: Horse shoe falls2 by KingStephenArthur :thumb176139099: Entwine by B0NDART Sommergruen by Bittersuesz Mermaid's lair by B0NDART Silky ties by B0NDART Vines by kuniophoto The Hatter by B0NDART The Green Door by DPasschier Aurora Borealis. by FSGPhotography Red Box by ThisIsMyKoolioName Crime Scene 0.3 by Bloggg :thumb132870981: The RED Boat by geko78

I hope you enjoyed this feature. :+devwatch: me for more features!
With time the colours are growing stronger. Every day invites you into a new world. The green is fading and yellow, orange and red are taking over. The lovely autumn is here.

Before jumping into the main part of the feature I would like to begin with the segment "Friend to the friendless" where I feature one of my dA friend's work.

Feature segment #1: Friend to the friendless
This time around I've decided to feature three photos taken by Sooper-Deviant. He's quite popular with over one million page views. But I've been following his work for a long time now and he had a couple of photos that really fit this theme. Here they are:

:thumb180835036: Days Gone By 6887 by Sooper-Deviant An Oasis of Serenity 8260 by Sooper-Deviant

Feature segment #2: They called, they were heard
On the forum I opened up a thread in the thumbshare section asking for autumn photos. I expected more people to submit they're work. But since this is my first feature I'm happy anyway. This segment will be updated one more time on October the 4th, Monday.

Autumn by daschristkind Autumn's song by Fant0me time to remember by Fant0me Golden Cascade by kkeman Rich Autumn by Black-Spirit-1991 mushroom village by inmc :thumb181025743: The Alps by KalReesgar :thumb181149471:

Feature segment #3: A chosen few
Because of the low number of photos that people submitted I went on a little search and found myself a couple of photos that I decided to feature.

.autumn. by witchlady750 .: autumn ladybug :. by all17 Autumn remembrance by realityDream Autumn Shadows by McKenzie-James Autumn by Wild-Kegan Stay here long autumn by CasheeFoo Autumn Ballerina Show by Hantenshi In Autumn by MarcoHeisler autumn by pauljavor Japanese Autumn by La-Vita-a-Bella Autumn I... by MichiLauke autumn sun by ssilence

So there you have it. The first autumn feature and I thank everyone for participating with these great photos. Friend me on dA if you would like to see more features.

Do you want to connect with me? That's great!
Facebook: Eric Lauri Kulo
Twitter: Erik Lauri Kulo
There's changes going on. Every thing is moving fast and I'm re-organizing my deviantART. The plan is to become a much more active deviant.

Some may already have noticed that there's changes being made on my profile page. Some of you may have noticed that I'm exposing my twitter account. The question is what am I up to?

This is what I'm planning:
At the moment I'm trying to build a solid base of followers on my twitter account. Once that is done, I will begin accepting requests for my "photo of the day" segment on twitter. At the moment I'm linking a photo on deviantART every day on my twitter. My goal is to have people submitting their own photos and hoping for exposure.

Another plan that is in the works is to create news features and the first is already in the making. The first theme is "autumn". It's a soft start and hopefully every thing will work out and I will be able to create a type of a metropole where I'm giving underappericiated artists the exposure they deserve.

So please do hold on tight and be patient.
My deepest apologize to all my friends on DeviantART. I know that I have been very inactive lately and for that I am sorry. However, I bring you good news. You already know that I got accepted into photojournalism at the MidSweden University. Well, I've been making a lot of new friends in my class and I've been super-busy with everything!

In other news, I bought the Canon EOS 7D and sold my old Canon EOS 400D. I haven't been photographing too much with it, but I'm getting there. I'm always a photographer even if I have my ups and downs.

So be patient, I will upload photos when I have time to photograph.

And hey, I'm 20 now.
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Hello everyone,

as you may have noticed I haven't taken a single photograph in a long, long time now. I'm a bit ashamed, but that's life. Sometimes you hit these dips and you don't know where you're going. Well, the good news first...

Education-wise; I got accepted into photojournalism on the university in Sundsvall (MidSweden University) which is great of course. It's a three-year program and after it I will be a journalist major. My goal is to become a war correspondent.

However, I've hit a hard point in my life. I'm no longer together with anyone and I have no friends. I'm exhausted and tired. Depressed. That's why I'm not photographing anymore, I just can't find the energy. Right now I'm at my father's house in Gothenburg and I will go home to Sundsvall in a couple of weeks or so. We'll see what happens next.

Take care.
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Hello everyone,

as some of you may have noticed - at least I hope you've noticed - I have been extremely inactive as of six months back. Why? Well, here's my story.

Remember this time about a year ago? This is about the time I started photographing after being very worried that I would never photograph again because I went through really big dip in my motivation to do this hobby. Well, it's the winter's fault. Here I am again, and it has been dark, gray and boring outside! But now the colors and most preferably the light is coming back! So you can expect my motivation and inspiration to sky rocket any time soon.

So what has been going on?
Me and Lovisa is still together, and more in love than ever before. Of course, this affects my photography. If I hadn't met her I would probably be out now trying to find something dark and depressing to take a photo of. Believe me, there are plenty of dark photos to come. After all, that is my style. But I'm glad to sacrifice a couple of months worth of photographing to be with her. In my book, that's not even a sacrifice, it's an asset, a reward, a ...wonderful thing. She gets my life back on track, and once I got my life back on track I will be able to be more consistent with my photography.

So what about my studies?
Well, here's the thing. I've applied for photojournalism on the MidSweden University and I will do the work exam as soon as possible. However, over 300 people has applied and there's only 30 places, so keep your hopes up for me! It's a tough competition to get in, but if I get in, you can expect loads and loads of photographs from me. If not, tough break, but I'll keep going. I've applied for normal journalism and a graphic design program too, so either way I'm sticking to the artsy side of life.

So what about my apartment?
Just this weekend I moved out of my apartment and to a new one closer to town. I still have beautiful nature just outside the door, actually, I'm closer to nature now than in my old apartment. So you can expect some nature photos very soon.

I hope some of you do miss me out there, because I know there are very nice people who have supported me throughout my entire career on dA. I'm yet to earn money on my photography and I'm yet to blow up as a photographer, but that's because I've only used my photography for one thing so far; expressing myself.

People who support me deserves recognition and the first person in mind is PassiveIre, she has always been there for me even though she doesn't know me in real life. She is a truly wonderful person that has given me a lot help through rough and good times.

Take care everyone, I will be back fully very soon. I hope you didn't miss that I uploaded a photograph today. It's not on par with the quality I usually upload but it's a way to tell you all that I am still alive.
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Why hello there,

as you may have noticed, just like last year, I have hit a point where my inspiration has died out. I'm not worried though, I was worried last year at this point because I didn't feel too good and I really thought my photography might have been coming to an end. But that's not the case, it's just that the weather in Sweden right now is gray most of the time, there's a lot of snow though! The difference now compared to last year is major, and here's why... you all remember Lovisa? The beautiful girl I photographed two months ago. I fell deeply in love with her and the love is not one-sided. We've been together for, well, two months soon. We officially became a couple the first November and we've already been doing a lot of stuff together, it feels like we've been together for a lifetime already and she is the one. You know, the one.

She has given me happiness and I love her so much. I owe her everything for everything she has done for me. She completely turned my life around. I want to give her everything.

As for everything else, I'm going to study political science this semester after New Year, after the summer I will hopefully get to study photojournalism and my ultimate goal is to become a war correspondent.
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Today is the day that I'm suppose to be happy, I'm suppose to celebrate. After all, it's my birthday. So what's wrong? What could possibly make me so upset that I won't smile on my own birthday? Did daddy not give me the gift I wanted? Did mommy not make the cake I like? No, that's not it. I had to put my dog to sleep - permanent sleep that is, on my own birthday.

After her heat periods, she usually acts weird. She can refuse to eat and refuse to take long walks and so forth. So I didn't understand that anything was wrong until this very morning when she woke me up early in the morning because she had to go urinate really bad. So I took her for a walk, smiled at the lovely morning because it's my birthday. When I got back to my apartment, I noticed that white fluid came out of her vulva. She intensivly licked it to clean herself up - of course, by now I understood what was wrong: uterise infection. Most ol' female dogs gets it, unless they have been spayed.

I called my dad, I called my mom. My mom would try to get a hold of a car while I tried to get a hold of a vet. But since it's Saturday and vets aren't like doctors - no one answered the phone. Though I did notice that one clinic would open up at 9 o'clock, so I had two hours to kill. Since my dog had a little fever and was a bit stressed indoors, I decided to take her for a walk to let time pass and make her feel more comfortable, cool her off if you like. She immidiatly turned happy when entering the world outside my box-shaped apartment. Happy and energic, no sign of sickness - though I'm not a fool, I know she wasn't getting better. Though I was happy she wasn't suffering.

After a long walk with just being with her, really just being there and giving her attention, I tried calling again - but the vet didn't answer even though they should've opened. After a while I told my mom to drive to me anyway and we would personally visit the vet without giving them heads up via phone.

After a long wait, my mom arrived and still no one had answered the phone. Into the car we go, and after a 15 minute drive we're by the vet, it's open. My dog is still happy and energic. Not long after, the vet has confirmed my amateur diagnosis, it's uterise infection. Two options, well three really, surgery, medicine or put her to sleep. Too old for surger, medicine doesn't work - even the vet told us that at best the medicine would give her another week and then she'll get the same infection again. So the third option sucks, but the only way to go for a 10 year old german shepherd.

The room where she got put to sleep was very nice, lit candles and a nice rug to lie down on.
First shot. This one was just to calm her down, not because she wasn't calm, just so she wouldn't be a problem when giving the two last shots. You know, pre-caution. She fell asleep after a couple of minutes, but woke up for a minute and put her head in my thighs which was beautiful - but oh so real. It's no movie, I'm not gonna be able to press the stop button when it gets to sad.

Second shot, by now I had to get up and change my position, so she was now in my arms and breathing very slowly. The second shot made her breathing stop completly after a while, the third shot killed her. Yes, killed is a strong word in the english dictionary - but putting to sleep is not really what I had to do, she's not sleeping. She's dead - killed.

No one could've left a bigger hole in my life that my precious Orina.

In loving memory of:…
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First of all I'd like to point out that I turned 3 years old on DeviantART the 20:th of July. Isn't that awesome? I've been on this site for three whole years! And boy have I grown. You'd like to think of yourself all grown up when you're 16-17, but you're far from. In fact, I'm far from grown up now, and that's something I've realized by looking back at how much I've grown in only a six month period. I moved out to my own apartment about six months ago and since then I've turned more independent and I have just a tad bit more experience of life.

Anyhow, the 25:th of July I travelled to Croatia. On a Saturday, just to come back the next Saturday. It's a bit short, I know. Now that I'm home I can't say that me and Croatia sealed the deal, so to say. We're not done with eachother, I desperately want to go back and travel within the country a little bit.

Me, dad, his girlfriend and her two daughters stayed at an apartment just by the sea. We could take a bath anytime we wanted which was great. A morning bath is good for you, I'll tell you that. However, on the thursday, I was in bed all day due to stomach illness.

The most recent photographs are taken in Croatia and even though I take pretty good photos it's still impossible to bring the feeling of actually being there to you all. Standing on top of a mountain looking down the valley. Going in a car through a mountain village. It's all so overwhelming and awesome.

Please do check out my photos and read the descriptions!
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Hello Deviants!

I've been a member of DeviantART for two years and there's no other site that I've found as good as DeviantART when it comes to sharing your images. The site looks up-to-date and has a lot of features that helps you expose your art to the public - such as the thumbshare forum which is a great idea.

It's such a beautiful thing really, the developers of DeviantART threw out a couple of features, a forum and said "Here, use it." and people swarmed around it and it's now one of the most popular sites for sharing your art. Sure, there's Flickr, PBase, Fred Miranda and so forth. These sites are good too, but I personally like DeviantART the most.

On DeviantART there's a lot of people too, lot of diffrent groups of people. Some are religious fanatics, some are into politics, some are over-emotional and some browses this site just for the nudes. But it's OK, because we're all a part of the same community. Which doesn't necessarily mean that we HAVE to talk to eachother, but it does mean that we have to share the same space. The best thing to do is share this space with a smile on our face.

I've seen awful comments on the forums that's uncalled for, I've given awful comments on the forums that's uncalled for. Hey, I'm only human and sometimes we have bad days. But in the end, a simple comment, or maybe a :+fav: or a watch will make the person you threw the bad comment at forgive you. That's the beauty of DeviantART, we're all loving and we're willing to forgive.

Keep on going people, and developers: remember the ground idea of DeviantART! Don't go making it into a commercial site. :)
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Oh, y 'lo thar!

Listen, I'm gonna give you a top tip: charge your batteries. It doesn't matter if you charged them just minutes ago, charge them before you go on a photo trip. Look at a photo trip like you have children and you're going on a little trip out in the woods with them, you have to prepare a lot of stuff.

For a photo trip, you better prepare. Take out the lenses from the bag that you won't need so the bag gets lighter, and for my sake and your own sake: CHARGE THE BATTERIES!

You're probaly asking me what I'm on about, you always charge your batteriest. Well, so do I, but after a long break from photographing, you tend to get out of shape a little. And this morning was the morning I would pick up my camera again and pick up photographing again.

Not only did I have little air in my bicycle tires so the cycling was heavy and slow. But when I arrived to the scene with a lovely sunrise, picked up my camera and turned it on, the camera just snorted at me and told me to change the battery pack.

But for some reason, I was happy enough to be on that spot, so I didn't loose my temper even though it was close. What I did though was to pack my camera down in the bag again as fast as I could as I realized it's "one of those days". Being on a rocky shore beside the ocean and all... the camera is safer in the bag, if you know what I mean. If not, here's a hint: *drop*, *crash*, *tumbling down the rocks*, *splash*.

Oh well, now you know I'm gonna be active again, I'll bicycle out to the spot again later today or tomorrow morning. I saw some spring stuff that I will photograph. And straws, I gotta photograph straws.
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Hey fellow artists,

I bet most of you haven't noticed my inactivity, even though I haven't uploaded a single photo for a while now my page views keeps going up which surprises me and makes me glad. One person even featured me just this week. The reason I'm not photographing right now is because I've recently moved into my own apartment due to not-so-great circumstances, but I'm fine now living with my dog in a single room apartment.

Winter has come to Sweden too, for real, there's a lot of snow outside and when I go to school it's almost pitch black outside and when I come home it's the same, so there's really few sun hours which means limited time to photograph. On the weekends pretty much exhausted and the motivation is all gone. Nothing that I worry too much about since I know my motivation to photograph will rise and shine again, last winter was a really gray period in my life as a photographer but look what happend, I crawled back into the game.

Lately I've started to feel that fire inside of me to photograph or film again, I'm just a bit tired of my town - photographing the same few things all over again makes for a perfect inspiration-killer, though if I manage to get great pictures out of the same motive I guess that's a big achievement as a photographer and I'll earn a lot of experiance. Perhaps I should just grab my camera a lot more often and say 'screw it', with the digital technique today I can photograph as much as I like and still not pay a single dime.

Let's just get started, shall we?
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That's right, today, the 19:th of September it's my 18:th birthday and my friends at school surprised me big time during a class by showing a picture through the projector that said "HAPPY BIRTHDAY ERIC!" and giving me chocolate muffins with candles on them.

Later this day we drank some moonshine mixed with cola and ate the muffins. We had a great time and the day is yet to end. So I thank them once again for this wonderful time!



I've re-arranged my gallery to use the featured function, that means that when you click on my gallery from the my profile page ([link]) you'll be taken to the featured photographs ONLY and not ALL of my photographs.

To get to all of my photographs, simply go to "Browse Gallery" from the profile page, and locate "Browse" that's just above the photographs and to the right of the text "Featured". You should be able to find it. Once you've clicked that, you'll be taken to all of my photographs ever uploaded on DeviantART in the newest to oldest order.

If you're lazy, you can just press this [link] -- which will take you to the Browse section immidiatly.

Another update is that I've fixed the problem with the wrong Exif Data showing, it's now correct on the newest photos and will be correct from now and on.

Mr. Colonist
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This morning I recieved my new lenses and I'm very happy about it. I've been testing both for focus issues and some outside testing and both are doing good. I was unsure for a while about the 17-50/2,8 but it was just me.

As mentioned in the other journal, the two new lenses are:
* Tamron AF SP 17-50/2,8 XR Di-II LD IF
* Tamron AF SP 70-200/2.8 Di LD Macro

Both of them have a great build quality, actually, the 70-200mm have an amazing build quality and the focusing is pretty much instant on both of them.

As it looks now I might be going on a small one-night trip to Norway's Mo i Rana and back. I'm unsure of how much of the time will be used for photography, but




I've re-arranged my gallery to use the featured function, that means that when you click on my gallery from the my profile page ( you'll be taken to the featured photographs ONLY and not ALL of my photographs.

To get to all of my photographs, simply go to "Browse Gallery" from the profile page, and locate "Browse" that's just above the photographs and to the right of the text "Featured". You should be able to find it. Once you've clicked that, you'll be taken to all of my photographs ever uploaded on DeviantART in the newest to oldest order.

If you're lazy, you can just press this… -- which will take you to the Browse section immidiatly.

Another update is that I've fixed the problem with the wrong Exif Data showing, it's now correct on the newest photos and will be correct from now and on.

Mr. Colonist
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Hello everyone,

hopefully you've missed seeing activity from me. At least I have. Right now I would certainly love to take loads and loads of photos and I fail to see why I can't. The inspiration is there, but the energy is not, sadly.

However, that doesn't stop me spending my money. I've now fullfilled my goal of having a full lensrange of Tamron brand only. The two new lenses I have ordered are:

* Tamron AF SP 17-50/2,8 XR Di-II LD IF
* Tamron 70-200mm f/2.8 Di LD Macro AF SP

Yes, that's a lot of money. But now I won't have to buy much more equipment other than a flash.

Have fun everyone!




I've re-arranged my gallery to use the featured function, that means that when you click on my gallery from the my profile page ( you'll be taken to the featured photographs ONLY and not ALL of my photographs.

To get to all of my photographs, simply go to "Browse Gallery" from the profile page, and locate "Browse" that's just above the photographs and to the right of the text "Featured". You should be able to find it. Once you've clicked that, you'll be taken to all of my photographs ever uploaded on DeviantART in the newest to oldest order.

If you're lazy, you can just press this… -- which will take you to the Browse section immidiatly.

Another update is that I've fixed the problem with the wrong Exif Data showing, it's now correct on the newest photos and will be correct from now and on.

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I've re-arranged my gallery to use the featured function, that means that when you click on my gallery from the my profile page ( you'll be taken to the featured photographs ONLY and not ALL of my photographs.

To get to all of my photographs, simply go to "Browse Gallery" from the profile page, and locate "Browse" that's just above the photographs and to the right of the text "Featured". You should be able to find it. Once you've clicked that, you'll be taken to all of my photographs ever uploaded on DeviantART in the newest to oldest order.

If you're lazy, you can just press this… -- which will take you to the Browse section immidiatly.

Another update is that I've fixed the problem with the wrong Exif Data showing, it's now correct on the newest photos and will be correct from now and on.

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just to let you know - I'm using a template I've created to use as a frame for my photos. I've noticed that my Exif Data has been wrong when I've used it. Since the template's Exif Data is from an old photo I've taken with my Tamron 11-18/4,5-5,6 that is the data that's shown in my new photos too.

I don't know how many photos that has been affected by this. I will use another technique to add the template in the future to ensure you that my Exif Data is correct.

--- Edit: scratch that, I now know which ones that has been effected: EVERY photo that has the white frame with text below has been effected by this. I don't tend to fix this, but I will fix it for future photographs!

Sorry if I made anyone sad, sorry if you got hurt, sorry if you tried copying my style completly and bought the wrong lens!
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Yet another journal by your favorite internet friend: Me.

Spring is finally coming for real. We've been having periods in Sweden where spring has been running by, just teasing with you, but the big white winter has taken over again. But this time it's for real. The snow is melting away, birds are chirping in the woods. It's great, finally it feels like the time is moving. It has been so slow for a while now and I really want the time to go on.

With spring comes colors, which is great. Colors are needed in my photographs, even if I tone them down and grunge 'em up, I still need the colors! I have a photographing project coming up too, it'll be called 'The Meadow Runner', more information about that later.

Right now I'm very busy, school is taking over, sadly. I hate to spend so much time on something I feel right now is pretty useless. I'm hoping to become a professional photographer, videographer and perhaps a salesman of some kind. I don't need to school myself for that. I can photograph, I don't learn this in school. I know how to videograph, the things we learn in school are too basic, and salesman is all about attitude, quick thinking and flirting - which is definetly something you don't learn in school.

The methods used to teach in schools are ridiculous, we're writing a report on international conflicts right now, it's very interesting. Sadly, we have one and a half week to finish it. And under that time I'm suppose to get in-deph of an international conflict? That's pure bull. I might be able to write a report during that time, but I won't learn much about the conflict.

If they can't give us time to really learn, then why let us do it half-done? Is that the purpose of school? I'd say they are only making it worse by putting up deadlines like this, people will fail and they'll look down on themselves.

Not me though, I know my capabilities, I don't need a teacher to give me a grade for me to know what I am capable of.
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++ 30 photos of pure joy

Today, 23:rd of February. I went out photographing with a friend of mine. She was going to photo some B/W images for a friend of her, I just went with her because I haven't photographed in a long time and because I'm always up to do stuff when it comes to chillin' in Mother Nature's wonderful world.

This was the greatest day of this month, for sure, probaly of this year too. I've been quite bored, I tell ye. But today I finally grabbed my camera again and I took some astonishing photographs. Maybe some of you will disagree saying it's too raw for your taste etc. Well, that's your opinion. This is my style and I have this style because I like it. And afterall, I take photographs for my joy, not yours, but I'm very very glad if it brings joy to you too!

If anyone wants to buy a print then just message me and I'll upload a print to DeviantART. I haven't done this now because it was 30 photos and I don't feel like uploading 30 prints á la 3MBs each, phew, that would take a long time.

++ Heads or Tails

I would like to remind everyone that I released the premiere issue of my new comic Heads or Tails yesterday. The next episode is done but won't be released until next week. I don't know if the next episode will be funny or not, it might be a 'you have to be there' joke. But the third one will definetly make you smile, or laugh!

++ Heads or Tails project CEASED
Yup, you read it right. It was a bad idea already from the beginning. I'm funny when I'm with people, I'm funny infront of the camera. I can probaly make hilarious comics too. But it's taking too much energy to make each comic strip and I don't have the motivation. I'm not happy of how the characters turns out and I'm not happy with the strip at all. I've decided to remove the two issues I've already released.

Let's face it, I'm a photographer and I shouldn't post random stuff in my gallery, it doesn't suit the rest of the stuff.

I bragged about how good the last issue would be, so I'll release the transcript/story instead, here we go:

Square #1:
There's a wooden table... Eric is dressed as an agent sitting to the right side of the table pointing a gun towards the left side. You can only see half of the table, so you don't know what Eric is pointing at.

Square #2:
You now see that there is a fish in a glass bowl and Eric is pointing the