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[SFM/FNAF] Dawko Interviews Joe Gaudet by MrClay1983 [SFM/FNAF] Dawko Interviews Joe Gaudet by MrClay1983
Hi, this is the FNAF show and this is Mr. Hippo, and I don't... I don't think I've ever been on one of these shows before... I don't think I've ever been on one of these shows before...

Anyways, yes, I did another poster with DawkO because whY nOt? The newest interview with Joe Gaudet came out a few days ago and I really enjoyed it, in fact, I think I'll be animating a few small portions of it sometime within the week or two, especially since Dawko himself said he'd prefer me animating something from the FNAF show instead of animating more of the Scott interview (which I might end up continuing later anyways), and the Joe Gaudet interview had a lot of funny parts in it in my opinion and I'd really enjoy animating it, so ye, I'll make sure to link the animation here when I get it finished. ;) All in all, I hope you guys enjoy this poster and I'll try to post more stuff on here really soon, I'm in a lot of collabs at the moment but I'll still be trying to work on my "He's a Scary Bear" animation and get some occasional posters done as well. :D

Link to the original interview:…

Link to my animated version: coming soon!

Zoom in for the best quality! ;)



Dawko-Falls-50px - Emoticon model by :icongamesproduction: and ported by :iconrobgamings: 

FNAF - Mr Hippo Icon [F2U]  model by :iconthepixelyt:
FNAF SISTER LOCATION - Funtime Foxy icon GIF  model by :iconxxbetenoirexx: :iconjullyvix: and :iconmangoisei:

FNAF - Rockstar Foxy Icon V2 [F2U] model by :icona1234agamer: and ported by :iconsallymance:


Made in Source Filmmaker Icon 1/4Source Filmmaker Icon 2/4Source Filmmaker Icon 3/4Source Filmmaker Icon 4/4 

Edited in Fotor Icon 
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September 11, 2018
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