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Warriors' Code Comic | #1 Encounter | Cover


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A Fox in the Night


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Out of The Dark


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[C] Blanc

Martial Arts

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SwaggerBruh Ninjas

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Kung Fu Panda


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Kunoichi - Full Bokko Heroes X 10

Mikagetsumara Ninjas

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Com: Back to Back


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Goodbye friend

Paw Patrol

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Fox Tumbles


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Rainbow Six


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Baby Strike


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Off the Ring Ep. 1: Challenged by Sylvia

Dateline: May 8th, 2019. 11:30ish.. Everest is seen preforming swift strikes to a training dummy in the hotel’s training grounds, when a Caucasian teenage girl wearing a Taekwondo outfit appears wrapping her gloves as she walks inside. Everest: Hm.. I don’t recognize you.. state your business! Terra: Well, my name’s Terra.. not that it should matter, I’m gonna need you to clear out of here.. Everest: And why should I do that? The training grounds are for everyone, no need to be so selfish! Terra: Look, I’m not here to fight you.. I’m just here practice on my own! Everest: Heh, I take it your one of th


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How to Write Fight Scenes

    One of the biggest and most frequently asked questions that I get is this: “How do I write fight scenes as good as you do?” I actually got one of those yesterday, but to be fair, he changed it up a bit and asked, “How do I keep from being repetitive in my fight scenes?” As I typed out my long-ass answer for him, it occurred to me that this was the perfect topic for my next writing tutorial. So, thank you, random dude on, for the sudden spark of inspiration.    So, fight scenes: So much win!    As with nearly every other writing skill an author has in his/her repertoire, writing fights is a skill


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PKMN skies - Secret Santa

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