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I am still on my March - May hiatus (I am only active on Sundays and during these Sundays I will be posting owed artwork or in general featuring deviants). So feel free to gladly check out some of these artists!
Hey There Everyone! It's Loulabelle,

I am here today to revisit my 'FEATURING DEVIANTS' series.
Since personally I feel like I don't write enough personal journals with everyone, I do feel like a lot of artists get pushed away in the shadows or deserve some more love and attention than they currently have, so I've decided to start a 'Featuring' every Sunday or week if I can in general, since personally I do feel like it'll be a good idea to help boost people up and get some more recognition for the things they deserve to be recognised for or help get them some exposure.
Featured From 'Newest'.
I went into deviantART's newest section and decided to pick up on some submissions I thought looked pretty
:iconloulabeiie:LoulabeIIe 16 51
Jamie the Ghost Girl by that-one-guy-again Jamie the Ghost Girl :iconthat-one-guy-again:that-one-guy-again 31 2 Teacher Peridot by that-one-guy-again Teacher Peridot :iconthat-one-guy-again:that-one-guy-again 34 8 Reindeer Amethyst [Transformation] Commission by MarkHoofman Reindeer Amethyst [Transformation] Commission :iconmarkhoofman:MarkHoofman 28 8 The New Girl by that-one-guy-again The New Girl :iconthat-one-guy-again:that-one-guy-again 37 7 The villians of the multiverse by pokekid333 The villians of the multiverse :iconpokekid333:pokekid333 13 4



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Asuka and Johanna Model Sheet
Here are Jamie and Val's allies in Jewel of Rejuvenation. Here's are also their basic bios. 

Asuka Hideki: Asuka is a Yūrei (Japanese Ghost) that aids the two in the search for the jewel. She is the money behind the travel, but she doesn't care too much about it. She was well known for a few accomplishments in her life, which is reason for the amount of money she has earned and kept. Personality-wise, she is very polite, caring, and protective with the group. She is bilingual (English and Japanese), but only speaks Japanese publicly due to past reasons. For fighting, she is honor-bound. This means that if she is attacked first, then she has full approval of herself to fight back. This means that she cannot attack first in any battle. 

Johanna: Johanna is a vampire that aids the two in the search for the jewel. As of introduction, she is the strongest of the "four". Personality-wise, she is very monotone on the outside, with little to no facial emotion, but she shows emotion on the inside, and can usually show emotion on the outside in dire situations. Most stereotypes for vampires are non-existent in this universe, but one of the major ones that is kept is the need for blood. She must drink a small amount of blood to function normally or else she can suffer withdrawal, when eventually turns her savage over time. 
Hessonite (Old Art)
Here's a drawing I completely forgot to post before. This drawing was made in October 23rd, 2017.
Jamie and Val Model Sheet
Here are the main protagonists of Jewel of Rejuvenation. The basic bios will be listed below:

Val Santiago: Val is a zombie that is on the search for the Jewel of Rejuvenation. Her primary personality is confident, and determined. Her passive traits are caring, trustful, and cooperative. For fighting, she cannot feel pain, but she has to be aware to not become too careless with that trait, otherwise she'll forget she may have lost something. 

Jamie Fischer: Jamie is a ghost that is on the search for the Jewel of Rejuvenation. Her primary personality is silly, and lighthearted. Her passive traits are caring, trustful, cooperative,and a joker. For fighting, she uses a Ouija planchette as a projectile. The planchette has an ability to summon members of her ghost family. She uses this for different kinds of tactics. Her flaw is that she makes too many predictions in the middle of her battles, in which the outcome has a chance to not go out as planned, as well as how oblivious she can be throughout the battle. 
Relationship: Jamie and Val were best friends since high school. Jamie was the first to become a ghost before Val became a zombie. Jamie, as well as her mother, were also the two that found an alive Val in the cemetery. 
Jewel of Rejuvenation Promo
Jewel of Rejuvenation is an upcoming project featuring OC's I've created throughout the years. What the project really is will be announced soon. To keep the story short, Jewel of Rejuvenation revolves around a group on a search for a jewel that can grant the ability to restore themselves to their prime as a human. The one who possesses the jewel must defend their jewel at all costs or they will revert back to their previous state. 

Side note: (Left to Right) Jamie and Val. 


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