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Pinkie Pie SPY

Pinkie Pie Spy is behind U :0

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I just bought a book about explosive shampoo
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spy (pinkie):it seems i am not the only spy.
demoman (enslaved crystal pony):THAT SPY'S A BLOODY TRAITOR!
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Pinkie Pie I should try on my Nightvision goggles.
*puts on goggles*
Pinkie Pie #2 Ooh, nightvisiony!
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"Mother of Celestia Pinkie. I told you, NO PARTIES!"
:iconpinkiepieplz::iconsaysplz:Throwing parties for unarmed ponies seems dangerously close..
"Shut up Pinkie."
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You mean Pinkie Spie, right?
Riiight? I'll go back to sleep now
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I have used your vector here: [link]
Hope you like it ^^
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I kinda like the "hooves on hips" motif, even if she can't exactly reach her actual hips. XD
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Was there a preview of a new episode with this shown?
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Grilled. I wanted to do this one... T_T
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"How did they knoooooooow?!"
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Her night vision goggles.
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Ooooh! Night visioney!
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*collides with crystal lampost*
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