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WinLaunch - Launchpad for windows

Thanks for over 500.000 Downloads :)

WinLaunch - Launchpad for Windows

How to use WinLaunch

This is WinLaunch, it provides a beautiful way to organize and access
all of your important applications and files

perfect for touchscreen, tablet and desktop users

WinLaunch is being actively developed and improved
All feedback is appreciated!

Updated to

special thanks to:
DJ Subterrain(for being the perfect beta tester and the WinLaunch Tune ;) )
lordalpha1(for tons of great feedback, support and an amazing logo)
RaymonVisual(for all his motivation and valuable feedback ;) )
Vincee095 (for letting me use his beautiful pirelli folder design)

big thanks to all of you!
© 2012 - 2021 MrC0rrupted
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Was there once a portable version?
Is this still alive? if yes i'd like to know if i can turn in windowscreen and not fullscreen, it's frustrating...
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One of the best UI tools I've come across in years! Thank you for all the hard work on this.
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Hi, should this work with windows 10 or is the project dead now?
I downloaded the setup.exe from sourceforge and ran as admiinistartor install but it says:

"An error occurred while downloading the required files please check your internet connection and try again."

Looks like a server error or maybe the software is pointing to the wrong link (or maybe a dead link?) for the files.
Is there a portable version of WinLaunch, that isn't dependant on a server please? 

Thank you :)
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Perfectly works with Cinnamon Mint-Y Icons :)
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The download server doesn't work! I've tried everything I'm using wire-shark to see whats happening with the connection to the server...But it's not working. The server fails with updates as well as the initial setup. I got the portable version off of softpedia and that doesn't work either. Hopefully you can fix the server or access to it in the near future. I'd really like to get this working b/c the portable app seems to have issues as well within the xml linkage between files. I'm not exactly sure of the error since I don't know how the program was written or in what language. So If i can be of any help just LMK.
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Nice Launcher. Is it possible to change the Font size?
Some Shortcut Names run over the other if you set the Icon space to low.
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I have just updated W10 to 15063.413 and WL did not launch at all (at startup), after a manual execution of the binaries and even when trying to run a setup.

Seems like some issue with .Net 4.7 (now included in the Creators update), after enabling all the sub-options in the "enable or disable windows features", it now starts at startup, but if i try to go to settings, or use "f", it crashes and does not work unless I restart the PC.
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I have at last reverted the update and it works fine again, probably just a rare issue (it seemed to affect more SW using .Net).
The ,, F,, key activation dissapered in the last build , so now not allowing drtag & drop anymore
I dont want to search for folders to add , in add folders button
It is a step back for how cool worked earlier
Please , give us an earlier verson archive to allow revert our changes if something dont like in new versions
When I click "setup" nothing happens. Anyone know how to fix this?
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make sure your installation of .net is up to date…
I have the latest version installed, also followed the other instructions. The installation still isn't working.
So I uninstalled Norton Anti Virus and got the setup to load once. After that it went back to not installing...
So it turns out winaunch works in safe mode, so it was my most recent windows update that was causing problems..
Cool app.  I really like the pin to desktop feature, allowing me to use it as a desktop replacement, but it needs the ability to manually arrange icons (I hate obscuring my right heavy background).  A slider to adjust the distance between icons and a few more methods of stretching the BG (fill, center, etc) would also be nice.

Good job, will donate.
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when i change the theme it crashes. or anything i change in the settings, it crshes. im using the latest version o windows 10 home x64
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Sourceforge link is broken, it says "Page not found"
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Detected as malware.. with chrome and Firefox... no antivirus here
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For installing to work computers without admin privileges we need to change directory and an offline installer please. Thank you.
Hello, first thank you for this awesome project.

I am using windows 8.1 and with UAC on, it would be good to have a context menu item to run program as admin. Maybe better to be able to assign a hotkey to open programs as admin, such as MiddleClick or Ctrl + LeftClick.

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What a superb idea and delivery.  Microsoft will be embarrassed with their QuickLaunch, Pin Items and Start Menu once they try your WinLaunch.  It completely changed the way I access day-to-day resources.  I simply can’t live without it now!
Just a quick question: is it possible to customize icons of each shortcut in WinLaunch without affecting the original shortcut file?
Also, I had a dream of completely replacing Windows interface since it’s taking too much space and there is room for improvement.  I came up with a little mock-up below.…
Hovering over open windows (A) would show a preview on the right where the WinLaunch shortcuts are located.
System Tray (B) and Fast-as-you-type filter (C) at the bottom in the same bar where Settings, Edit, and Exit are located.
It could even be taken a step further by having some sort of visual indicators to notify which shortcuts are already open (all the green markings in my mock-up).
Basically, all open windows could be numbered sequentially from top to bottom on the left.  If a particular shortcut is already open, its icon in WinLaunch would have some visual indicator like the green rectangles and corresponding numbers beside it.
Also, it would be great if shortcut text would wrap to next line if it’s too long to fit on a single line.
Not sure if these ideas are feasible and if it wouldn’t add too much stress on the app but just some thoughts.
Keep it up and hope to see more updates.
All the best!
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Downloaded from SourceForge.
Avast detects a virus: Win32:Evo-gen
A problem, or a false positive?
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