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Kimyonabi The Birb (Flash Arena 8 Submission) by MrBuscheese Kimyonabi The Birb (Flash Arena 8 Submission) :iconmrbuscheese:MrBuscheese 3 1 Majungaraptor by MrBuscheese Majungaraptor :iconmrbuscheese:MrBuscheese 2 0 Alien Mermaid WIP by MrBuscheese Alien Mermaid WIP :iconmrbuscheese:MrBuscheese 0 0 Alien Turtle by MrBuscheese Alien Turtle :iconmrbuscheese:MrBuscheese 0 0 Big Dragon Boi by MrBuscheese Big Dragon Boi :iconmrbuscheese:MrBuscheese 1 0 Half Life 2: Combine Tyrannosaur by MrBuscheese Half Life 2: Combine Tyrannosaur :iconmrbuscheese:MrBuscheese 0 0 Prehistoric Face-Off by MrBuscheese Prehistoric Face-Off :iconmrbuscheese:MrBuscheese 1 0 Inaccurate Dinosaurs #1: Tyrannosaurus by MrBuscheese Inaccurate Dinosaurs #1: Tyrannosaurus :iconmrbuscheese:MrBuscheese 1 0 Charcharodontosaurus by MrBuscheese Charcharodontosaurus :iconmrbuscheese:MrBuscheese 1 0 A Duel in the Mists by MrBuscheese A Duel in the Mists :iconmrbuscheese:MrBuscheese 1 0 Megaraptor (Tribal Markings) by MrBuscheese Megaraptor (Tribal Markings) :iconmrbuscheese:MrBuscheese 0 0


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Kimyonabi The Birb (Flash Arena 8 Submission)
Here it is, the Kimyonabiki tori! 
Height: 2 meters
Length: 4 meters
Weight: 54 Kgs
Speed: 7/10
Strength: 5/10
Logic: 5/10
Pain tolerance: 5/10
Hide toughness: 4/10
Bone density: 2/10
Sight: 8/10
Smell: 5/10
Hearing: 3/10
Height: 2 meters
Length: 8 meters
This alien lives it's life wading through the swamp, using it's beak to spear fish and search through the mud. However, if it encounters a threat, that beak can be used as a lance, skewering whatever unfortunate organism messes with it. It's bulbous rear isn't just for show: If bitten, it will release a toxic chemical that paralyzes whatever part of the victim touched it. It's thin legs and claws also let it move quite fast and allows it to climb trees. With these thin legs and bones comes the issue of frailty. This animal is far from tanky. Despite this, it is still one tough cookie and is not to be taken lightly. 

Special notes:
Has the ability to rear up on it's hind legs
The beak is sturdier than it looks...
Introducing the Majungaraptor!
This hybrid is a mix of the abelisaur Majungasaurus and the raptor Utahraptor
Alien Turtle
This is another pencil drawing of a turtle-like alien clambering across the sand. 


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