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Flat Euphoria

By mrbonersoup
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Flatout icons by kgill7 : RELEASED! Check play store
dream clock by obeytheten : modified by me.
Ask for anything.
justreal :…
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i guess u need to change the description
already released :D
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dont see the icons in the playstore
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~miles35 he is beta testing the apk, it has not been released yet.
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love this setup,could you share the lockscreen wall please? and also wots the widget your using on lockscreen?
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C'mon with the wall; every time forced to repeating it? So happy  
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i like it so i use it. i make what i like, i dont care what you think. you can do what you like.
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Hmmm no, you did not understand. I also like the wall. You know well that sooner or later someone will ask for the wall, so, why not put the link in the details directly? Wink/Razz 

PS Have you a version of the wall without the text?
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Sorry phone is logined in a different acct. Mr soup here.

Whoops my bad. I thought you here hatin :)

I added the link in comments. I don't have one without the text. I found it that way. I love the song tho and that's the only reason I use that wall :)

If I don't add the links then I know people like it when they ask :) also I was busy with hw when I made this so i just made it quick when kgill sent me the beta apk for the icons.
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Added it to the main as well :)
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nice wall on the loockscreen
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