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Gali, Master of Water (3.0 version)

~Bionicle (c) The Lego Group
~MOC/revamps built by Me

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Oooooh nice moc of her
Feathery-Dust's avatar
This version 3.0 is my absolute favourite so far! Will you make 3.0 versions of the rest?
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Depends, if I slightly revamped or heavily revamped one of my Toa Okoto revamps, it is classified as 3.0 version. My Pohatu and Lewa are in 3.0 version as well, only just slightly revamped :)
When the toa are supposed to be warriors, there's nothing wrong with making them look buff.
I think this is the right balance between buffness/femininity for Gali
Witolman's avatar
WOW I generally don't like this style of MOCs, bu this is really something!
Bruticusdude65's avatar
love the overall design looks just like the original design and Gali does look more female then her remake bulky version although that one was good too.
MrBoltTron's avatar
Thanks!:) Yeah, I wanted to rerevamp her into more feminine look and make it logical about the design of her (since rest of my Toa Okoto members are bulky and masquiline). But glad you like her new look :)
Bruticusdude65's avatar
your very much welcome i'm doing a revamp/ remake of Skull Basher just planning the custom legs are going to look
OB5523ON's avatar
Ingenious way that you connected the shoulder armour
(can I borrow that sometime ?)
MrBoltTron's avatar
Sure, I'm not gonna bite ya cx
OB5523ON's avatar
Atuiall canabal MrBoltTron XD
OB5523ON's avatar
search "actual cannibal Shia labeouf" on YouTube
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Cool, I like the flipper feet!
0-0master's avatar's beutiful...great job man!
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I really like those flipper, and the more I look at Gali in this form, the more it grows on me.
While I still don't care much for the Nuva armor, I do see how it works, and I like the detail along the sides of the torso because of the use of the part.
I still miss her shoulder piston armor but she does look well armored enough as it is.

I really would like to get back to MOC making again.. after seeing things like this, it is quite tempting to just dive into a big box of parts and just have at it :)
MrBoltTron's avatar
Glad you like her new look c: Yeah I would use those Mata/Vahki/Piston armor on her shoulders, but I wanted to keep her design and shape more feminine, and logical as well.

And glad to hear MOCing come back :)
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i aplaud your craftsmanship :thumbsup:
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makes want to do something like that.
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