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The Isle of Elements by MrBLUERANGERHERO The Isle of Elements :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 3 5 My Halloween 18 costume by MrBLUERANGERHERO My Halloween 18 costume :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 3 19 Sakura the Cat by MrBLUERANGERHERO Sakura the Cat :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 2 17 Streamline the Wind Dragon by MrBLUERANGERHERO Streamline the Wind Dragon :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 2 7 Rocky Coyote by MrBLUERANGERHERO Rocky Coyote :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 5 5 Flame Kitsune by MrBLUERANGERHERO Flame Kitsune :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 8 3 Elemental Weapons Series 2 by MrBLUERANGERHERO Elemental Weapons Series 2 :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 5 12 Blue Leviathan by MrBLUERANGERHERO Blue Leviathan :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 4 8 Mobian Brandon Mutt by MrBLUERANGERHERO Mobian Brandon Mutt :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 7 8 Shine Phones by MrBLUERANGERHERO Shine Phones :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 3 17 Shineranger logo by MrBLUERANGERHERO Shineranger logo :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 5 10 Shine Caliber by MrBLUERANGERHERO Shine Caliber :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 4 2 Shine Laser by MrBLUERANGERHERO Shine Laser :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 5 19 Prism Squadron Shineranger by MrBLUERANGERHERO Prism Squadron Shineranger :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 5 107 Color stones 2.0 by MrBLUERANGERHERO Color stones 2.0 :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 8 19 Elemental weapons by MrBLUERANGERHERO Elemental weapons :iconmrbluerangerhero:MrBLUERANGERHERO 5 20


Zodiac Ultra Magnus Spirit, Sketch by Superrobofan Zodiac Ultra Magnus Spirit, Sketch :iconsuperrobofan:Superrobofan 1 6
My Little Pony: Portals Are Magic Season 5 Ep10
Title: The Young Six's Nightmare Night
It was once again Nightmare Night in Equestria. And everypony, as well as every other creature, was celebrating. Well, almost everypony was. (Cuts to Cozy Glow pouting in her cage after her defeat at the end of "School Raze") But other than a certain naughty little filly, everypony was having a wonderful Nightmare Night. At the School of Friendship, Twilight and her friends were getting the school decorated for Nightmare Night.
Starlight: (Mopping the floor) There. That's the floor all cleaned up.
Just then, Brandon entered the room, but struggled to grip the overly clean floors, skidding across the room into a wall)
Brandon: (Dazed) I can’t feel anything below my eyebrow!
Starlight: Whoa, careful there, Brandon. I just mopped.
Applejack: What brings you to Equestria on Nightmare Night, Brandon?
Brandon: Hang on, I need some time to get over the pain. (After a few seconds) Okay, I’m over it.
Rarity: So what brings you here, darling?
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 5 0
Canine Elementals Episode 11
One day, Brandon was on his way to a flowery village. This was a village he enjoyed visiting.
Brandon: (He reaches the gates of the entrance and knocks)
Voice: Who goes there?
Brandon: It’s me, Brandon Mutt, Russell. I’m here because Headmistress Sakura of the Flower Cat Kunoichi Clan School summoned me on business.
(Russell, a Mobian squirrel, looks through the peephole, recognizes Brandon, and opens the gate)
Russell: Come right on in.
(Brandon does so)
Russell: So how are you doing?
Brandon: Pretty good. (He notices a sheet laying against a fence; the sheet matches the fence color, but, the lines on the sheet don’t line up with the fence and a set of fingers can be seen holding the sheet up; Brandon wears an annoyed expression) Bud trying the camouflage shroud again?
Russell: (Bored) Yep.
Brandon: Well, his execution has gotten a LITTLE better, but, I can still tell he’s there.
(The sheet drops to reveal a younger Mobian squirrel, Bud)
Bub: Aww, Brandon, you
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 4 8
Katie Bengalo by Eli-J-Brony Katie Bengalo :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 17 15 Eileen Stripes ref (with Bio) by ScribbleHearts14 Eileen Stripes ref (with Bio) :iconscribblehearts14:ScribbleHearts14 44 38 Canine Elementals Poster by Eli-J-Brony Canine Elementals Poster :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 7 23
Canine Elementals Episode 10
Somewhere, on the planet Mobius, there was an elemental, who was so righteous!
Sir Finn: Dude!
What? (MrBLUERANGERHERO's voice) Stick to the script, man! (My voice) Right. So, this hero has been all over the place. Doing great things.
Sir Finn: Alright!
Well, actually, his name is Sir Finn. (MrBLUERANGERHERO's voice) A Brave Elemental Knightonian of the water element who had the ability to conjure up waves out of nowhere and surf on them. He mostly uses this in races. (My voice) Uh, yeah.
(Cut to a scene of a racetrack with a vehicle race in progress)
Alright. So I assume we are now at the start of a race. (MrBLUERANGERHERO's voice) No, the final lap. (My voice) You mean to tell me we were brought to a race during it's final lap? (MrBLUERANGERHERO's voice) This is supposed to be used as a demonstration of Sir Finn using his special ability in a race. (My voice) Oh. Uh, and we're on the final lap for that? (MrBLUERANGERHERO's voice) He uses them to WIN races. (My voice) Oh. I see. (MrBL
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 1 8
Stretchy girl by QueenCold Stretchy girl :iconqueencold:QueenCold 175 14 Streamline the Wind Dragon by Eli-J-Brony Streamline the Wind Dragon :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 5 15 Summer Eily by ScribbleHearts14 Summer Eily :iconscribblehearts14:ScribbleHearts14 44 31 Pizza Bitch by BoundLightning
Mature content
Pizza Bitch :iconboundlightning:BoundLightning 230 18
Sky 'n' Dave hugging! by LachlanDingoArchive Sky 'n' Dave hugging! :iconlachlandingoarchive:LachlanDingoArchive 12 5 Minimus Ambus Sketch, Take 2 by Superrobofan Minimus Ambus Sketch, Take 2 :iconsuperrobofan:Superrobofan 1 1 Sky Kangaroo by LachlanDingoArchive Sky Kangaroo :iconlachlandingoarchive:LachlanDingoArchive 11 6
Canine Elementals Episode 9
Somewhere on the planet Mobius, OK. You know about this place don't you? If you've been reading this whole series so I don't need to explain myself.
Sir Finn: Dude, that’s just lame. Can’t you think of a better intro?
Oh for crying out loud. First Gears and now you? Oh come on!
Sir Finn: Dude, it’s not my fault you come up with the lameo introductions. And, what the big ones is up with New Elementals?
Don't you know about them?
Sir Finn: I don’t know what they are, but, they sound gnarly!
You mean you don't know the split between jerkish and non-jerkish elementals?
Sir Finn: Um, right. Jerkish and non-jerkish Elementals. I’m pretty sure the bodacious audience knows PLENTY about this radical skism.
Oh yeah.
MrBLUERANGERHERO: (Offscreen) We’re also introducing a new roster of characters and new elements.
We do?
MrBLUERANGERHERO: (Offscreen) Only half of that sentence made sense in context. The correct question is, “we ARE?”
Oh. Whoops. Must
:iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 1 13
Gamer Knight by Eli-J-Brony Gamer Knight :iconeli-j-brony:Eli-J-Brony 7 14



The Isle of Elements
This is the Isle of Elements, the main setting of me and Eli-J-Brony’s Canine Elementals series. It’s surrounded by lava, making life difficult for the inhabitants and water scarce.
My Halloween 18 costume
Here is my Halloween costume for this year. I’m a Ravenclaw student. My face has been drawn over to protect my identity.
Sakura the Cat
This is Sakura the Cat, founder of the Flower Cat Kunoichi, a group of characters set to appear in me and Eli-J-Brony’s Canine Elementals. Her is her bio:

Age: 75
Alignment: Good
Affiliations: Flower Cat Kunoichi (founder), Plant Elementals, Brave Elementals
Personality: Kind, loyal, wise, patient, calm, noble, peaceful, motherly, humble, sweet, intelligent, generous, nurturing, honorable
Likes: Peace, nature, bathing, culture, reading, flowers, her friends/family, sudoku, salads
Dislikes: War, violence, death, those with harmful intent, Ivy’s pranks, the Brickomaniac, pollution
Streamline the Wind Dragon
This is Streamline, the Wind Dragon, from me and Eli-J-Brony’s Canine Elementals series.
Due to lack of motivation, skullzproductions being banned, lack of communication with SapphireWingsYuki and Magic-Kristina-KW, and screwing up my friendship with Rarityfan1992, I decided to cancel my Teenage Toons spin-off. To those who wanted to have characters featured in it or hoping to see more, I apologize for the inconvenience.

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