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Hi! I'm Hagen. I think I might be taking a crack at reviving my dA account for memories sake. Pretty much everything I'm posting here will be the stuff on my Tumblr blog, but with some bonus descriptions and context and some stuff? I dunno. I might abandon this in two weeks.


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Guys this isn't gonna be a great return or anything, and I doubt anyone will prolly even see this (most of my old friends I'm betting won't remember me much). Long Story Short I'm rereading all my old batman graphic novels and it is giving me nostalgia and melancholy like nothing I have EVER felt before. Guys, I became a Batman fan because I had the hugest crush on Tim Drake as Robin. That character came at me at that time in my life where I was unable to ignore my growing attraction to boys, and comic books as a whole were this intimidating, overwhelming medium that brought me so much joy and yet, intimidation. Having nobody in my real life
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Okay, so, in case you weren't aware, I wrote the creepypasta "The Puppetmaster's Regime". However, for a while now I've been a bit unsatisfied with the product I published, and I've been wanting to do some full-scale revision for a while now. The problem is that it's already pretty well-established, and MrCreepypasta's already read it. Is it too late to actually revise without anyone calling me out for it?
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SPOILERS BELOW:   I find it ironic that TheChineseRoom developers (who boasted and bragged about this game, along with criticizing the first to no end), said that this game would have "several interlocking storylines, some of which may or may not be real."   Where are these "several" storylines? The game has ONE story to tell, and it's still a rather shallow story to boot, barely explored and terribly underdeveloped.   And as for the "some of which may or may not be real", where WAS that, exactly? Unless they're referring to the whole "YOUR SONS ARE TOTALLY ALIVE--OH WAIT, NO THEY AREN'T LOL" thing...and even that is kind of a stretch.   Mean
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Miss you <3 showing your DA some love! :)
I'm only just now seeing this but OMG THROWBACK I love you! 
so fuckin... hey this might end up a little long winded but im just gonna go for it

the puppetmaster's regime was a genuinely life-changing expierence, i've never read a piece online or in print that understood child sexual abuse and trauma as well as the narrative of this story did and presented it in a believable, RELATABLE (for CSA survivors) light as well as you did.

it was some wild shit dude like the entire thing was a RIDE and it was incredible. its so important to my close friends and i, we've all read it and it was practically a healing experience for all of us because fuck like, you as a writer GET it. so few writers actually do and know how to tie these themes in to cool metaphor and aesthetic stuff in their stories, but every word felt almost familiar in the sense that we know what these kids went through and we know the mindsets behind each of the abusers in the story like the backs of our hands, we've seen bits and pieces of 'em all out there.

we sit around and theorize all kinds of shit like actual literary analysis on your work aghfhdjrjgdjjh i hope that doesn't seem weird... it's a very important work to us it's definitely somehow that inspired ME as a writer and a survivor to keep going with my own work, that stories like these are worth telling, etc

tl;dr honestly dude?? thank you
HELLO! I am so sorry this reply is coming at you like six months(!?) after the fact, but here it goes!

I appreciate your words so much, and they really do mean a lot to me. I've read comments from quite a few people about their positive reactions to the story's themes, but you're probably the first to tell me directly, haha. If I can be very honest I've always worried about this story because I didn't want to treat the themes flippantly or offensively, but most people seem to feel good about that aspect. I even made big huge plans to massively overhaul the entire story before, but I lost some files and all I have now is the revised Part One. Maybe someday, but ugh lol.

Enough about me, though. It's incredibly humbling to hear that you responded so well and that my words could have any sort of positive effect on you as well as your writing. I really do hope you continue to write and tell stories, and I wish you all the luck in the dang world because it's sooo hard, but totally worth it when you see that word count go up.

Again, totally super sorry for the late reply