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As you all know, in my alternate timeline steam remained prevalent worldwide for many more years than it really did. But what would happen to the RWS in this timeline. Since Diesels made a good issue in latter books.

Here's what I'd do....

In this timeline, Standard types steam engines built by BR would replace engines from Southern, LNER, LMS, and GWR. Claiming themselves to be the ultimate evolution of their species. While older engines like the Fat Controller's are just primordial forms of life.

Diesel could be the proposed 0-6-0 shunter: BR-standard-shunter by mrbill6ishere

D199 could be replaced with a British Railways standard type 4 4-6-0: Thumbnail3 by mrbill6ishere

Bear could be the propsed 2-8-2 version of the 9F (which would probably be called 8MT if it was still built:  Gallery 898 2936 158012 by mrbill6ishere

BoCo could just be a BR standard type 5 4-6-0: 73082 Camelot on shed by mrbill6ishere

Any other ideas?
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April 2, 2017


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