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This is going to be a recurring feature on this channel. Where we take certain bits of media from the past and present. Then I look at it then decide what I for one would do differently.

First is the Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of time
  • The release
    • As opposed to ditch the 64DD, which the game was originally planned for, we bundle up the game with 64DDs. This will allow the 64DD to survive thanks to a strong release title.
    • The 64DD will also allow the quality graphics shown in OOT Retextured here: 
    • Lastly, as a bonus, how about a voice cast for the cutscenes, like here. Though Pierce and Clarke of course would only provide random grunts for Link:  Ocarina of Time VA meme: Triforce and Sages by mrbill6ishere
  • The Music
    • For starters, I for one would change two themes present throughout the game.
      • First off Hyrule Field, rather than an entirely new piece, I was thinking that instead we coukd just this remix of the Overworld from Link's Awakening:
      • As opposed to an MIDI synthesizer in later versions of the fire Temple. Which frankly make the music sound simply narm, how about we improvise our own gibberish, like here: 
      • Omit the usual boss theme, and only use the track for the goron related bosses. It gives off a stronger vibe of desperation you have to kill the boss: 
      • Furthermore, let's add this version of Hyrule Castle for when we first enter and are preparing to face off against Ganondorf: 
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Submitted on
May 21, 2017