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The Following ideas are ones I would use if I made an animated feature based on Charlie and the Chocolate Factory by Roald Dahl. Including films from the various pre-existing adaptions of the story. As well as my own ideas. 

Ideas from the original book and its early drafts
  • All the parents of the kids except for those of Charlie are present. 
  • The presence of kids such as Miranda Piker, who tries to prevent the production of a candy that lets kids play ill. Only to end up laughing mad with her father.
  • The deleted Worming Candy Room would be included, albiet with only Bertie Upside being present.
  • Marvin Prune and his fate being included, as llustrated by :iconjimmy-c-lombardo: here:  Marvin Prune and the Perry-Plum Faeries by Jimmy-C-Lombardo
  • Wilbur Rice would return for the fudge room here:  The Vanilla Fudge Mountain by Jimmy-C-Lombardo
  • Both bucket Parents would be alive
Ideas from the 1971 film
  • Many of the songs would return, namely Candy man, Golden Tickent and Pure Imagination
  • The fizzy lifting drink would return, but now lead to the fate of a character who I made up.
Ideas from the 2005 film
  • Grandpa George's speech after charlie considers giving off the ticket.
  • Grandpa Joe being a former Wonka employee. Which could lead to a heartwarming moment where we see the two together.
  • the Narrator being present.
  • The puppets from the beginning are shown.
Ideas from the 2013 musical
  • The Songs the oompa loompas sing when the kids meet their fates are used
  • Other songs are also present
  • Charlie living in a home under a train bridge is present.
  • Violet being a Hollywood celeb stereotype. As a running gag, the Beauregardes could accuse Wonka of Racism at the least excuse.
Original ideas
  • More rude kids and their fates:
    • Pieter Botha: A South African kid who is shown to be quite racist. Mostly due to the mind poisoning by his Afrikaner parents. I do not know how he meets it, but his fate would involve him ending up with dark skin. Which upsets his racist folks. 
  • The kids would all end up fine. But with all sorts of embarrassing changes. Violet would be returned to normal, but still blue. Mike teevee would have to get a trip to the taffy pull. But would be be inflated with a bike pump to regain size.


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April 26, 2017


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