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The key for  Baltimore and Ohio map plan by mrbill6ishere.

Based on :iconborisfedorov:

Map key:
Blue- station served by high speed (125 mph max.) and express train (90 mph max) trains traveling through said community. (For simplicity, only cities are listed)
Green- station served by stopping trains.
Red- suburban stations

Coaches are based on the ones used on the 50s Capitol Limited.

These are usually powered by one of the following locomotive types 
Here are the returning trains from the golden age.

Royal Blue
New York- Harrisburg- Wilmington- Baltimore- Washington D.C.

New York- Washington D.C. connections for all following trains

The Capitol Limited
Washington D.C.- Pittsburgh- Akron- Chicago

The National Limited
Washington D.C.- Cincinnati- St. Louis

The Ambassador
Washington D.C.- Pittsburgh- Akron- Detroit

The Chicago Night Express
Chicago- Wheeling

Detroit- Toledo- Cincinnati

Detroit- Cincinnati connections for following trains
The Motor City Limited (Louisville and Nashville)
The Humming Bird Limited (Louisville and Nashville)
The Royal Palm (Southern)
The Queen Crescent Limited (Southern)

The Washingtonian
Washington D.C.- Pittsburgh- Akron- Cleveland

New Trains

The following are express trains that were never part of the railroad's fleet.

The Lincoln Limited
Springfield- Indianapolis- Cincinnati

The Buffalo Limited
Buffalo- Pittsburgh- D.C.

The Bluegrass Limited 
D.C.- Pittsburgh- Columbus- Cincinnati- Louisville

The Kentuckian
D.C.- Cincinnati- Louisville

The Buckeye Limited
Washington D.C.- Pittsburgh- Columbus- Cincinnati

Normal Trains
The trains use coaches based on 1940s pullmans. Any locomotives can be signed to normal trains. It depends on the distance of these trains and their speed. Usually, however, they are handled by EMD SD diesels.

Branchline trains
Usually, the branchline passenger train are handled by Budd RDC cars. But if a certain line's population density makes the RDC too small, K series 4-6-0s are used.

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Submitted on
November 23, 2016