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More things come
Wilson’s World is about a group of toys (like in Toy Story), who enjoy life with their master, a boy named James, who owns them. One day, however, a storm hits town and badly damages the house while James and his family are on vacation. Worse, General Orson, a robot James owns, takes advantage of the event and puts everyone under an oppressive dictatorship. Under the advice of friends and family, Wilson goes out to find things that can repair the house. As well as topple General Orson’s regime. Wilson goes to various places in a typical US suburban neighborhood, like the community pool, a park, or the grocery store. However, Orson’s secret police are everywhere. But Wilson succeeds, and James has soon restored the status quo to the toy’s lives.
The game was very well received, with much praise going to the level design of the game, its hub world, and gameplay mechanics.
Henry soon developed a sequel to Wilson’s World. Introducing many more character like Wilson’s father. But he had another idea in the meantime.
Henry had been an avid fan of alternate history. One thing he enjoyed was the idea of the British Empire never falling. As well as various wars the US could have fought in. From there he created the specs for a US Marine. Eventually naming the character Pvt. William Alexander “Bill” Dobson. Just as Henry went on to view Wilson’s World as his counterpart to Mario. (Ironically he later worked on Paper Mario games later on.) He viewed Private Bill as his version of The Legend of Zelda. Soon, the game was developed. Like Wilson’s World, it was well received, receiving praise for the gameplay and story.
However, the 9/11 attacks took place, and violence had to be downplayed in later games. Pvt. Dobson originally required a gun of some sort. But this was changed to him simply needing to be able to sneak up and beat up opponents. Though weapons are still used in game under various circumstances, like to destroy vehicles.
Pvt. Bill is an agent of the CIA from Niles, MI. He was originally in the US marine corps. But was picked up by the CIA due to his success in correctly predicting enemy attacks in Vietnam. He now goes on missions as spys. Trying to find places to hinder enemy war plans.
Bill’s first game took place in an alternate universe version of a WW3 between the USSR and NATO. Here, Bill must disable all of the USSR’s nukes. He must confront top Soviet officials and other USSR people. This game had the similar hub world concept as Mario 64. Albeit with a more akin gameplay to the Zelda series.
The Game received continued praise like Wilson’s World. It was a huge seller for the 64DD. The Gamecube follow-up {a game set in South Africa (Transvaal Tracker)} was loved even more for its creative plot.
But Henry Banks had more things up his sleeve.
Here, Bank's babies are described in detail.
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