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Voice actor options meme: Toad of Mario franchise by mrbill6ishere Voice actor options meme: Toad of Mario franchise by mrbill6ishere
First example of this : Voice actor options meme.

Character: Toad (Super Mario Bros.)

My Choice: Colim O'meara
Why Him? This is more of an alternate history for the DiC cartoon. Where this guy was cast as Toad. Because his actual voice there just puts me off.

My Choice: Joseph May
Why Him? Just hear him as Thomas in the US dub.

My Choice: Jason Ritter
Why Him? I thought of Toad being like an intelligent character. Like a young Professor E. Gadd.

My Choice:
 Ben Diskin
Why Him? Numbuh 2 is an intelligent kid. Nuff said.

My Choice: Greg Cipes
Why Him? Beast Boy sounds like an all around nice guy. What my characterization of Toad.

My Choice: Lisa Vischer
Why Her? Junior Asparagus has a voice if you want to make Toad very young.

My Choice:
 Bert Iwan
Why Him? If you want to have Toad as a young adult, this is my solution.

My Choice: Jack MacBreyer
Why Him? My head canon lets both King George and Queen Melody live. But both are having Peach live on her own. That said, my idea would be that King George is a meek, sensitive soul. Hence Sterling Holloway's iconic tenor voice.

My Choice: Matt Vogel
Why Him? Robin the Frog is a nice little guy. Just like my characterization of Toad. Also, he has a nice voice that balances the gruffiness/ raspiness with a kid like voice.

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November 24, 2016
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