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The Virginia Creeper Scenic Railroad by mrbill6ishere The Virginia Creeper Scenic Railroad by mrbill6ishere
Sprites by Andrewk4

The Norfolk and Western was absorbed into the Pennsylvania RR as part of the Esch- Cummins act. in its final stage in 1947. The PRR however, continued to give the N&W nominal independence in the sense that they kept building their own engines and rolling stock. This continued until the N&W was completely absorbed in 1979. Even then, it reamined on paper and its steam engines were still labeled for their railroad. 

Around this time, three M class 4-8-0s were still running the branch line from Abingdon, VA to Todd, NC (formerly named Elkland). The PRR decided this line was not profitable enough and made plans to abandon it. But O. Winston Link led a group that agreed to run the branch as a tourist railroad. So it was arranged, in 1972, the PRR had a train full of passengers on the former N&W to Abingdon, VA. Where 4-8-0 382 hauled the first train of the Virginia Creeper Scenic railroad.

Passenger trains are hauled using PRR and N&W passenger equipment that has since been replaced by their original railroads. Freight equipment is also present for photo charters. Including rolling stock from the PRR, N&W, AT&SF, ACL, SL&SF, SOU, SP, and L&N.

All three engines are former N&W 4-8-0s. 382 and 429 were regulars on the branch, and 396 also went down it once and a while. In addition, the line has seen smaller engines from other lines. Such as Southern 2-8-0 630. 

UPDATE: Added letters "Virginia Creeper" in place of N&W name.
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maxm2317 Featured By Owner Dec 19, 2017
Interesting concept!  
WillM3luvTrains Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017
I always like hearing of trains and tracks and track lines being reused or bought by somebody else instead of being abandoned, it's ALWAYS a shame when a railroad line is abandoned, especially when it could have been used for something else, well actually, esepcially since it would cost a lot more money to build a new one.

But it's great that not only was the railroad taken over but that it's now a tourist rail, one of my favorite kinds of passenger trains along with Commuter Rail, Regional Rail, Intercity Rail (including Amtrak) and Light Rail (though it runs on a separate kind of track, streetcars too)

So good job!
Andrewk4 Featured By Owner Sep 30, 2017
I love the idea!
WillM3luvTrains Featured By Owner Dec 15, 2017
Me too!
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