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Susan the Orange Engine by mrbill6ishere Susan the Orange Engine by mrbill6ishere
Susan is a confident and assertive engine - quite possibly the most assertive female engine on Sodor. She does not take crap from the bigger engines, and is often more than willing to prove otherwise when she is accused of weakness. This all makes her a significant foil to the more sensitive and gentle Molly. Who she knows from her days on the LNER.

Susan was built in 1910 as on of the last Great Central 9Js, being number 594. She had everything her siblings had; she was fitted with a flower-pot chimney, has a large Great Central cab and tender, and a Robinson super-heater. 

In 1923, after the LNER's formation, she was stationed at Doncaster. Where she first met Molly. The two formed a close bond together. As both hauled passengers and goods respectively on the railway. However, this changed during the war. When Molly went elsewhere to work. Leaving Susan to stay there come nationalization. 

She worked on the LNER until 1956, when she substituted for Duck while he was with the others in England. The NWR found her to be a very versatile, economical and free-steaming engine. As a result of this fact, and persuasion from Molly, the Fat Controller chose to purchase her to serve as a mixed traffic engine across the system. This happened just in time too, as in 1960 she was going to be withdrawnm and scrapped. After, she was given the number 39 and re-painted in an orange scheme with green and white lining, along with a GCR red running board.

Today, she still does her part on the NWR as a fast freight and semi-fast passenger engine. There have been several incidents she went through here and there. Like when she substituted for Gordon on the express, but burst her safety valve because she focused more on getting fuel and water. But that is just one incident I speak of. There's more...
Based loosely on creation of Diamond-Jubilee.
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