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Super Mario Odyssey 2 NPC: Sarasans by mrbill6ishere Super Mario Odyssey 2 NPC: Sarasans by mrbill6ishere
This is the first in the series of my ideas for a Super Mario Odyssey sequel. You people better be prepared. Because I have are for things in three different Kingdom ideas. 

So here's the first one. 

The Sarasans are the loyal, brave, hardworking inhabitants of Sarasaland, which has been retconned to be the town where Princess Daisy lives. Sarasans are very loyal to both her and her father, King Richard. They are essentially the Mushroom World's equivalent of Australians. Hence them being based on kangaroos.

In terms of size, they are smaller than real Kangaroos but are slightly taller than Daisy. Contrasting them with the Toads, who are much shorter than Princess Peach. Speaking of Toads, the Sarasans have rather mixed opinions on them. Many feel they're alright folks. But many of the ruder ones think Toads are too incompetent for their own good. (Which, to be fair, actually tends to be pretty true at times.)
Similar to real life kangaroos, they tend to "box." Except here, they actually take in parts in boxing/wrestling matches as one of their prominent passtimes. They also like to play didgeridoos, and wrestle dangerous animals too.  

Size is not the only way Sarasans differ from real Kangaroos. All adult members of the race have pouches. While only female kangaroos have pouches in real life. Another Artistic License in biology is how the Sarasan mothers can have three of her kids in her pouch at once. While real kangaroos' kids coexist in different development stages. On in the womb, one in the pouch and a third out and about.

The Sarasans also seem to very fond of Luigi. As a popular confectionery in Sarasaland is named after him due to its green color. Furthermore, there are some levels where you have to be Luigi to go in and get a moon.

As can be seen in the drawing, females member of the species have a daisy on their cork hats.

  • I had originally considered making them koalas. But it felt koalas looked a bit too much like Lemurs. Which are the basis of the Lemlofts in The Swamp Kingdom idea. 
  • Plus, I wanted to further contrast them with the Mushroom Kingdom by having NPCs taller than their princess.
  • Last but not least, Kangaroos seem to be more commonly associated with Australia than Koalas.
Blockdasher91 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017
Hmmm,....That's actually a good idea.
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