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Super Mario Odyssey 2 NPC: Digatoners by mrbill6ishere Super Mario Odyssey 2 NPC: Digatoners by mrbill6ishere
Locale: Digaton, Mountain Kingdom

Based on moles and their digging skils. The Digatoners are the hardworking inhabitants of Digaton. A mining town based on those of the coal mining regions of the Appalachia.

Digaton's largest employer is the ShakeLand Gold Mines. A mining company operated by none other than Wario himself.

The Digatoners are especially proud of their culture. But this is justified. As their culture promotes a strong work ethic. One where the good lives are earned through determination and hard work. As well as calling for a fully functional family so that every person can get a sense of what to do in life.

The Digatoners also enjoying playing music with banjos. The hard work of the miners means they also enjoy eating a wide variety of barbecued or fried meat. Though their absolute favorite foods are ham and biscuits.

The Digatoners are trapped in parts of the mining network at the time of Mario's arrival. Wario had sent Waluigi with a rescue team. But they got lost too, forcing Mario to go and save everyone.

  • I considered a place baed on Colorado or Nevada. But that felt too much like the Sand Kingdom
  • I decided on the Alaskan Gold Rush because it felt more unique than the other ideas. But I didn't really see much I could do with that
JimyNawtron Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017   General Artist
I Do hope these can be made real! That or have Monty Moles in those helmets!
SuperMarioFan65 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I knew Wario and Waluigi would appear in the sequel.
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