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Super Mario Odyssey 2 Boss: The Artful Didger by mrbill6ishere Super Mario Odyssey 2 Boss: The Artful Didger by mrbill6ishere
Second in my series of ideas for things in  Mario Odyssey Sequel.

The Artful Didger is the local boss of Daisy's Kingdom. He is largely based on the usual media depictions of Australian Aborginals. With the red clothing, and a didgeridoo.

The Artful Didger first is referenced when Mario arrives in Sarasaland, where a Sarasian urges him to come to Princess Daisy's office. Explaining that something has cursed Daisy and is running off. But when Mario arrives, it's too late.
Right in front of Mario's eyes, and very much in pain, Princess Daisy turns into a large, scary, and extremely hideous crocodile. Worse is that when she turned into the crocodile, Daisy completely lost all traces humanity (so Cappy says). Said crocodile then chases after Mario, forcing him to flee. 

After escaping the transformed Daisy, Mario has to get several moons. Namely in a boss battle with first Morton Jr. Then the Mummipokey from World 2 of NSMB DS. 

Mario meets a Sarasan who explains The Artful Didger, the thing that turned Daisy into a crocodile, has fled all the way into a cave in Mount Gunpei, a large inselberg near the town. Mario runs through an underground route to the top of said mesa. Which is an underground maze were lots of enemies like Scuttlebugs (which you capture to climb up certain parts of the level), reside. Mario eventually reaches the top of the mesa by capturing a scuttle bug then climbing up.

Mario eventually gets to the top of Flat-top Mesa. Cappy notices a large, yellow thing that contains a multi moon inside. Cappy tells Mario to get it by breaking the yellow thing open. But when MArio bites, it turns out to be a blemish on the Didger's forehead.

The Didger is furious that Mario tried to take his power moon. So he then proceeds to attack the moment he sees them. But not before Cappy notices an ungainly blemish on his forehead. Didger uses a Didgeridoo and plays it to blow fire to attack you. He usually follows you, but will spin in a circle in an effort for the fire to get you.

You must capture a scuttle bug that he blows out from his didgeridoo the first time, then climb up Didger's back. As you do so, avoid his swatting hands, which try to crush you. You can bite him at certain points to distract him from keeping you away from his forehead.

Once you reach his forehead you bite the blemish, repeat three times. After you defeat him, the blemish pops. The Artful Didger blows up like a balloon (see small picture). Then he explodes. Giving you the mullti moon to collect. 

Right after grabbing the moon we cut to Princess Daisy, who still is a hideous crocodile. Only now she has been confined in a cage. And worse, all sign of humanity she once had is still gone. As the hideous crocodile, Daisy looks up and sees the Grand Moon shining as Mario grabs it. Then she is very slowly transformed back into the beautiful woman she once was. Much to the joy of both her and the Sarasans who saw her return to normal.

  • His name is a pun on those of the Didgeridoo and "The Artful Dodger" from Oliver Twist
  • I originally thought of a boss where the character would first be human until it was bitten. Then turn into a snake, then a spider. But I decided to just go for the one where you capture a Scuttlebug and bite the head.
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December 22, 2017
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