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Super Mario Odyssey 2 Boss: Stonehead by mrbill6ishere Super Mario Odyssey 2 Boss: Stonehead by mrbill6ishere
Locale: Mt. Mona, Mountain Kingdom

Stonehead is a creature on the top of Mount Mona. The largest summit in the mountain kingdom. He is usually just sitting there until he is provoked. In which case he will cause an landslide. For this reason, the Digatoners do their best to make sure their work never angers him. As the landslide he caused once wiped out all of Digaton.

When Mario first arrives, Wario comes up to him. Wario explains that Roy came into the place with an small army. Roy was responsible for several Digatoner miners getting stuck in various parts of the mining network. A rescue team led by Waluigi also got lost when they were sent by Wario. Now it is up to Mario to save everyone. To top it off, Stone-head, a large creature made up entirely of rock, is threatening to cause an avalanche at a moment's notice.

Mario slowly but surely save more and more groups of miners as he goes along. However, things begin to get intense as time goes on. Mario eventually has to go save Waluigi and his rescue party, who are stuck with another party of miners that are in a workhouse on Mt. Mona. The tallest of the mountains on the mine's property, and the mountain that Stone-head is on top of.

However, when he comes to a place in the mine where there is a break room, Mario runs into Roy Koopa. Who tries to defeat Mario with a bullet bill bazooka. But Mario capture the Bills and hits Roy with them. After Roy's defeat, Mario gets a power moon and rescues the first group of miners.

Mario rescues several more groups of miner AND finds more moons until he suddenly finds Major Burrows (from the first Mario Galaxy). He then captures some Diggas so he can ram them into Burrows' stomach thrice. Giving him another moon and rescuing more miners.

Then, Mario finally makes it to the side of Mount Mona. Where Waluigi and his group are. Waluigi and Mario evacuate the Miners one by one. However, Waluigi accidentally throws a rock into Stone-head's eye, hurting it. Stonehead is furious and causes an avalanche.

Waluigi orders everyone down the Mountain. He also urges Mario to save himself from certain doom. Mario instead captures a Digga. The result is a mission where Mario has to run the digga up the mountain and hit Stonehead in the groin with it. Avoiding the rocks in the process. Once Mario does this three times, Stone-head falls down on the other side of Mt. Mona into a river. Giving Mario a grand moon.

  • Another idea was that Mario would capture a bulldozer and use it to keep a large boulder from squashing the town. But I wanted a better boss
  • I originally considered the Monty Tank from NSMB DS to return. But again decided against it.
  • One idea for the avalanche scene was for Mario to try and evacuate the remaining miners to a safe passage. But I wanted a boss or two.

SuperMarioFan65 Featured By Owner Dec 22, 2017  Student Digital Artist
I'll love to see a sequel to Super Mario Odyssey. ^^ Awesome art.
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