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Southern Ds1 Duplex by mrbill6ishere Southern Ds1 Duplex by mrbill6ishere
Around the immediate post war era, the newly formed Norfolk Southern cooperation wanted to expand its sphere of influence in the Eastern US. This was especially true of area in the south where rail traffic was dominated by the Louisville and Nashville.

Also, there was an issue where the lines in the North (NKP, Lackawanna, etc) were cut of from routes in the South (N&W, SOU, TC, etc.) The only link between them all was in St. Louis, where the NKP and the SOU met.

Thus, leading to the creation of the first entirely new train during the corporation's existence. The Southern's Missouri Palm, inaugurated in 1952, linked St. Louis and Jacksonville via Louisville, Chattanooga, and Atlanta. It later became a first of many things. For example, in the 90s, it had a car featuring what was called the "game car." Which featured Nintendo consoles plugged into the train. 

To pull the Missouri Palm, The Southern studied the duplex types on the PRR, namely the T1 and the Q2. Then worked with Baldwin to create a duplex which had the speed of the T1, but the lack of problems the Q2 had (ie: lack of wheel-slip).

The Ds-1 class soon became the dominant passenger power on the Southern. Though the Ps-4 Pacifics and Ms-1s stayed around. As well as the 4-8-4s of the Central of Georgia, which became a Southern subsidiary in 1961.  

Meanwhile, The problem with connections was ultimately solved. As the Conrail Corporation got in trouble with the anti trust acts over its New York- Midwest monopoly. Thus, they were told to sell off one of its NY- Midwest routes or face liquidation. In the end, the connection problems ended when Conrail agreed to sell the Pennsylvania Railroad off to Norfolk Southern.
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