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Santa Fe 4-8-0 Tarantulas by mrbill6ishere Santa Fe 4-8-0 Tarantulas by mrbill6ishere
In the early 1900s, the Santa Fe decided to try and start shooting for larger steam engines than their 2-8-0s to haul longer freight trains than the ones operated at the time. the 2-10-0s that had recently been ordered had troubles like derailment on Raton Pass, which would annoy any railroad company. Their solution was found when they observed several of the Norfolk and Western's own 4-8-0s in action. After this, the ATSF ordered several 4-8-0s of similar design. Albiet with several minor changes to make them more like santa fe engines. As well as a smaller boiler and firebox to allow for better comfort to engine crews. These engines could still be seen on various parts of the ATSF, as well as on parts of the St Louis- San Fransisco, which the ATSF acquired as part of the Esch- Cummins act, into the late 1980s.

In service life, types were initially equipped with smaller eight wheel tenders. But these were later replaced with the 12 wheel ones used by most of the ATSF's 4-6-2s.

Sprites based of those of :icono484:
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August 15, 2017
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