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SMB Dallas by mrbill6ishere SMB Dallas by mrbill6ishere
Dallas is a member of The Notorious Rodent Gangsters. He is the brother of Slim and runs a rustling operation in the desert forming the border between the Mushroom and Sarrasalnd. He has gained much experience from his time in the desert. Being particularly skilled at robbing trains and cattle drives. He often works with his brother, Rocky, and Muscles when the gang his hired to work for Bowser and Tatanga.

In his 1st appearance, he works with his comrades to rob a train carrying weapons, throws the fireman and conductor off the train, and holds the engineer Evan (Maurice LaMarche) hostage while they tried to crash it into the Mushroom Kingdom's royal train. But are unaware Peach and Creamhave been kidnapped by Bowser and Tatanga (Daisy had escaped by disguising herself as a farmhand.) In the end, Toad and Yoshi had the train run into the portable fortress where Bowser and Tatanga were hiding PEach and Arthur while the Marios adn Daisy saved them. He, aong with the rest of the baddies. Teleport the fortress back to Tatanga's home planet. Only for them to find the train having run inside of the fortress. Whereupon it explodes.

He later appears with the rest of the gangster more often. Often being the brains of the operations.

Preferred voice actor: Cary Elwes
Other possible choices: Gregg Berger, Jeff Bennett, Pat Fraley
SuperMarioFan65 Featured By Owner Apr 9, 2017  Student Digital Artist
Nice OC. :)
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