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PRR superpower by mrbill6ishere PRR superpower by mrbill6ishere

The PRR is notorious for sticking with "conventional" steam power long after other roads had adopted the "superpower" design concepts first articulated by Lima in 1929.  When they finally did start exploring new steam locomotive design concepts, it was in the unconventional direction of very large duplex drive machines.  The only exceptions were the 125 class J1 Texas type freight locomotives they acquired during WWII, a design that they copied directly from the Chesapeake and Ohio.

These sprites explore what PRR superpower might have looked like, had the railroad acquired it.

1. The P6 4-6-4. Since the phrase "Hudson" was coined by the NYC. The PRR would have likely used something else. Maybe the "Pittsburgh" class of engines.

2. The U-1 2-8-4. My idea is that I could have been created by just rebuilding an I1 2-10-0 with things like a bigger firebox and a new front end. Or just built them off of the C&O Kanawhas. They'd likely be used on heavy freight drags like the J1 2-10-4s.

3. The R2 4-8-4. My idea is that this engine would be mainly used on mixed traffic duties. Usually fast freights or express trains. But often fast freight.

4. The R3 4-8-4. My idea is they just built it from the S2 Turbine rather than original prints. Then used them as a mixed traffic counterpart to the T1 4-4-4-4s. With some even substituting the T1s on trains like the Broadway Limited. (created by :icono484:)

Next will be the variations of the P6 "Pittsburghs."

UPDATE: Redid trailing trucks on P6 and modified U1
RailroadSaturday Featured By Owner Nov 21, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
And I thought my drawings were small already :)

Looking good though!
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