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NW A class and variations by mrbill6ishere NW A class and variations by mrbill6ishere
This was based on some Lionel models I once saw a while back. Here are the types from top to bottom.

1. Class A
The original N&W type

2. AT&SF class 370
The Atchison, Topeka, and Santa Fe saw the N&W class A at work. They decided they wanted an alternative to the 5000 series Texas types on heavier trains over Raton pass. So, the answer was the 370 class. Which Roanoke Shops sent Baldwin plans for to built themselves. These engines were proven very well made like the class As that inspired them. Despite being largely freight engines, they did see work on some stopping passenger trains.

3. B&O class KB-2
The B&O decided to ask for another engine with the same specs from Baldwin. Creating a smaller alternative to the EM-1, which they could, and did, use throughout the network.

4. PRR class J2
The PRR tested a class A and a C&O T1 when they needed a new type during WW2. Creating the J1 2-10-4s. But what if they did make an engine based off the A class? Personally, I'd have it work fast freight.
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January 17, 2017
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