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Mario voice recast: Princesses, Rosie, and Pauline by mrbill6ishere Mario voice recast: Princesses, Rosie, and Pauline by mrbill6ishere

Not alot of people like the voice acting for the Mario series. But in the world of the late Ted Culkin, the story is different. With aid from Andrea Romano, we were able to create what is thought to be some of the best voice acting in video games that ever existed. They are in their recolored outfits because they show who they'd appear in Mr Culkin's comics.

Character: Princess Peach
AU Voice Actor: Catherine Cavadini
Why Her? A female character who is young kind and caring character needed a sweet kind and caring female voice. So I then decided to go with Cathy Cavadini's Tanya Mousekwitz voice. It's got a rich young female voice a beautiful singing voice, enough said? .

Character: Princess Daisy
AU Voice Actor: Kath Soucie
Why Her? Kath has a wide variety of vocal range. Ergo, replicating Princess Daisy's voice into something less annoying is really quite easy for her.

Character: Pauline
AU Voice Actor: Tress MacNille
Why HerTress, like Kath, has a rather wide vocal range. I imagined Pauline as a more sophisticated authority figure akin to who she's shown in Sjuper Mario Odysesy. Ergo, Tress is in. 

Character: Rosalina
AU Voice Actor: Bonnie Hunt
Why Her? We had originally considered Jodi Benson. But we soon felt that she did not exactly convey the type of character Rosalina was and sounded too similar to Peach as it was. Ergo, we concluded that Bonnie was a more logical choice.

Have any ideas for other casting choices? Feel free to list them in the comments section below.

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