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Mario: The SAF of Transweta by mrbill6ishere Mario: The SAF of Transweta by mrbill6ishere
UPDATE: Changed the summary so the Sporwegs had more in common with the Afrikaners who inspired them.

In the late Ted Culkin's stories, there is the nation of Transweta (from the Weta River, one of the nation's most important bodies of water). The Mushroom Kingdom and Sarasaland's neighbor to the northwest. The country is often at odds with the two kingdoms. Usually due the their government. However, Transweta often has a VERY uneasy alliance with the Koopa Kingdom. 

The Sporweg Avancement Front (SAF) is a fictitious white supremacist group which rules Transweta. Their country can be described as a mix of various historic, real life, and fictional tyrannies. These similarities are as follows...

Apartheid South Africa: Both are run by white supremacist groups that segregate every part of society. But how bad the discrimination is depends on the race of the subject in question. For instance, non white humans are generally treated similarly as whites, but are often obliged to pay more for certain goods and things like electricity. While other races are treated more and more badly. Ending with the goombas, who receive the worst treatment.

There is also a name for this racial segregation deriving from a word in the their language. The name for apartheid came from "separateness" in Afrikaans. While the word for this segregation, scheiden, is derived from Dutch for separate.

In regards to the main white ethnicity, Apartheid SA was run by a group of whites known as Boers (dutch for farmer), due to that being the occupation of their ancestors, who were mostly Dutch. While the white group in charge of Transweta are the descendants of people originally native to a European like country. (One that is never specified, but sometimes inferred to be somewhere in the area near the Sprixie Kingdom.) This white ethnic group is known as the spoorwegs (from spoorweg, dutch for railroad), as the first white men came to build railroads on lands colonized by their original country's expy of the Dutch East India Company

The Afrikaners in general: They have resentment towards another group of whites due to atrocities committed by that other white group during a war between the two nations. In the Boer War, concentration camps were first use by the UK to imprison Boer women and children. While the Mushroom Kingdom and Sarrasaland often forced males as young as 10 to work on forced labor designed to help them win the war.

Lastly, as mentioned, the majority of whites speak a language based on Dutch. In this case, called Grasen (from gras, Dutch for grass).  

Britain in V for Vendetta: Both run by fundamentalist Christians. It is explained in other stories that the NAL gained control by capitalizing on a gas attack that is set off by a terrorist. As well as in general the disorder after a nuclear accident in another country damaged crops in Transweta. Like how a nuclear war in mainland Europe caused crop issues in Britain that let the Norsefire gain power.
USA in Fahrenheit 51: The law uses a robotic dog like creature in both stories to track down things like criminals or in 51's case, books.

Stalinist Russia: Political dissidents are taken away to remote prison camps. In the case of Transweta, these camps are out in the desert, where prisoners are forced to do various manual labor jobs. Like mining or building railroads. 

Transweta's flag:
The above flag is the national flag, and has been since the NAL first gained power in the country. The colors and symbols are as follows.

Red: The blood shed by the Ferrovis in their struggle to secure a nation in the face of natives, The Mushroom Kingdom and Sarrasaland's conflicts with them, and lastly, their effort to keep their country the way it is now. With their government.

Green: The fertile soil of their plains, whch is rich for growing crops like fruit to the country's south (its border is on the Sea where the archipelago including Isle Delfino, which I call the Sea of Pesce, is.), figs and citruses near the border with Sarrasaland's former Birabuto kingdom (which is where the Weta River starts.) Then lastly, the savannah in the north of the country that provide good food for livestock.

Blue: The water that provide to the people of Transweta. Including the Weta River and Sea of Pesce. Plus plenty of swamps and smaller rivers.

White: The idea that the white man was sent to under go blood and strife to bring the fertile lands and rich water of the Transweta. This, mind you, IS a white supremacist run nation.

Purple on the cross: Symbolic of the power God allegedly gave the white man to overcome strife and takeover the lands of the Weta River valley, and eventually continue to find new horizons to conquer for the white man to lead.

The Cross itself: The primarily symbol of their form of Christianity, which is modeled in part upon Afrikaner Calvinism and Catholicism. Meanwhile, The Mushroom Kingdom and Sarrasaland's dominant branch of Christianity is an unnamed Protestant denomination which draws upon practices of The Church of England (Anglican Church) and Evangelical churches.  This difference between the two denominations of Christianity is also a cause of strife among the three countries. Much like how the two denominations inspiring these fictional churches caused strife among the English and Afrikaners. 

Lastly, it should be noted that when the comics were adapted for Disney XD. The white people of Transweta have Afrikaans accents.

Any other ideas for similarities between Transweta and real life/ fictional dictatorships?  Please leave a comment giving an idea.
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