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Mario Bros- The Flying Pimento by mrbill6ishere Mario Bros- The Flying Pimento by mrbill6ishere
The 65 Triple X (aka The Flying Pimento) in The New Super Mario bros super show (and the Ted Culkin comics the show is based on) is a large fortress. Its name is derived from its similarity to an olive. With the "Pimento" part being where the central head quarters are. 

The fortress was built by Tatanga during fr use in his second attempt to kidnap Princess Daisy. Then Bowser joined in when the two allied to kidnap their desired princesses. Ever since then, it has been the show's spin on TMNT's Technodrome. Due to being the hub of the villains' operations. It is manned by many troops from both bowser and Tatanga's armies.

Like the technodrome, it is very strong and powerful. But tends to be an operational nightmare, often due to low fuel capacities and frequent breakdowns of the engines at most inconvenient situations. Nonetheless, it is also very hard to cripple or severely damage, as Sarrasaland's Air Force once learned the hard way. However, it can be severely damaged by blowing up the bottom left. As both the fuel and ammunition are stored there. Which can cause a big explosion that often requires a long time for repairs. Indeed, many episodes involving the fortress involve the Marios trying to sabatoge it while saving their princesses.

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The flying Pimento
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