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Mario Bros: FC meme w/ vintage VAs by mrbill6ishere Mario Bros: FC meme w/ vintage VAs by mrbill6ishere


Characters by :iconnintendrawer: and :iconsaiiko:.
Meme base by :iconsukanar:.
Inspired by works of :iconmichaelsar:.

This is an idea I got. Featuring long gone voice actors as these Mario FC characters. Well, except one who we should all know. Anyways here are my ideas for VAs for the Mario FCs, if they were voiced by dead voice actors.

Character: Toadsworth
My Choice: Don Messick
Why Him? It was pretty easy. After all, Papa Smurf and Toadsworth are more or less similar characters. Beyond of course, creators, universe, and all that. Plus, I have thought of him being Toad's dad.

Character: Professor E. Gadd
My Choice: Hal Smith
Why Him? Okay, he's not a FC. Okay, I did him already. But only because Hal Smith is dead, and I wasn't including dead VAs in the original memes.  It's a casting gag. Regarding how they are both inventors. Furthermore, Gyro's voice is just right for me.

Character: Marco
My Choice: Daws Butler
Why Her? I thought of the variety of voices Butler did. From deep and goofy (Yogi Bear) a funny Ed Norton impressions (The Honeymousers, 1955), Southern (Huckleberry Hound), a kid (Eroy Jetson), etc. So, I thought he could do a good Italian guy from Brooklyn.
Alternate Choice: Lorenzo Music, Lou Albino, Walker Boone

Character: Louise
My Choice: June Foray
Why Her? Magica De Spell is an Italian character. So what we do is just mix in June's voice for Granny (as in the Tweety and Sylvester characters), and there we go.

Character: King Richard
My Choice: Mel Blanc
Why Him? King Richard is the kind of character I'd want an angry voice out of. Which is why I chose Mel, a la Mr. Spacely. Whose voice is more or less a less raucous Yosemite Sam.

Character: Queen Lillian
My Choice: Lucille Bliss
Why Her? Bliss was actually 65 already when she first voiced Smurfette. So I can't see why she would just do a mix of that and her natural voice.

Character: Kamek
My Choice: Paul Winchell
Why Him? Okay, he's not a FC. Okay, I did him already. But only because like with Hal Smith as Professor E. Gadd, my desired Kamek VA is dead, and I wasn't including dead VAs in the original memes.  Both Kamek and Gargamel are both evil wizards. But if that's not all. Kamek has a sort of raspy voice, which I could compare to Gargamel's voice somehow. I don't know how, but I just see a similarity.

Character: Rocky
My Choice: Gregg Berger
Why Him? Okay, Gregg's not dead. But I left him out of my other memes for not being an Official Character. So yeah, Odie is a dog. Which should be enough of a reason.

Character: King George
My Choice: Sterling Holloway
Why Him? My head canon lets both King George and Queen Melody live. But both are having Peach live on her own. That said, my idea would be that King George is a meek, sensitive soul. Hence Sterling Holloway's iconic tenor voice.

Character: Queen Melody
My Choice: Evelyn Venable
Why Her? The Blue Fairy's gentle voice is like what I'd expect from her. Like with King George.

Character: Carl
My Choice: Howard Morris
Why Him? Okay, he's not a FC. But he's here because lik with Kamek and E. Gadd, his VA is dead, and I wasn't including dead VAs in the original memes. Anyways, I believe this one should speak for itself. Or, he could have just done an elderly version of his Wade Duck voice.

AlanPalgut Featured By Owner Jun 10, 2018
Mario enemies with classic voice actors:
Bowser – Mel Blanc. Like I said before, he sounds like Sylvester, no lisp (the real voice of Mel Blanc).

Goombas/Chargin' Chucks – Candy Candido
– Paul Frees. I'm still thinking of a Bela Lugosi/Boris Karloff impersonation...

Koopa Troopas – Stan Freberg

Hammer Bros. – Jim Backus

Shy Guys – Bill Thompson

Lakitu – Harvey Korman

Bullet Bill – Hans Conried
Rosalina (1964-1967)
  Verna Felton. Not an enemy, but Rosalina is the Marioverse's "Fairy Godmother," hence why I chose Verna Felton.

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