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IC map plan by mrbill6ishere IC map plan by mrbill6ishere

Based on :iconborisfedorov:

This is the fictionalized Illinois Central passenger schedules and consists for my alternate history.

In this timeline. The Illinois Central was one of the longest 100% steam operated railroads. Second only to the Norfolk and Western. As until 1975, the only diesels the railroad owned were the diesels used on many crack trains alongside the 4-8-2s.

Color code:
Blue- Crack train stops
Green- express train stops
Orange- Generic station stops
Lavendar- Commuter stops

Crack trains
These are actually fleets of trains that all use the same exact route, with up to 10 trains bearing the name going out on their route a day.

Either a EMD F59PHI, or 2500 or 2600 4-8-2s  pulls these fleets of trains. It usually depends on which type of the two engines is available at the time the trains is prepared to leave. The coaches are based on hybrids of US streamlined coaches in the 40s, Superliners, and TGV Duplex train sets and consist of coaches (amount depends on the distance of runs), one or two sleepers, an observation car, and a dining car. 

The City of New Orleans
Chicago Mill. Park- Carbondale- Memphis- Jackson- New Orleans

The City of Miami
Chicago Mill. Park- Carbondale- Birmingham
Take CofG tracks to Miami  

The Green Diamond
Chicago Mill. Park- Springfield- St. Louis

Express Trains

These are also several different trains operating to the same destinations as the name trains of that line.

Coaches are based on 1940s Pullmans. They are usually powered by EMD SD Diesels, but generally the former type of locomotives.

Souix Falls Special
Chicago- Waterloo- Souix Falls 

The Whiskeyton Limited
Peoria- Evansville
Take L&N to Nashville

The Shrevyport Limited
Meridan- Jackson- Monroe- Shrevyport

The Chickasaw
St. Louis- Carbondale- Memphis- Jackson- New Orleans

The Irvin S. Cobb
Louisville- Memphis- Jackson- New Orleans

Normal Trains
These trains consist of coaches based on the coaches used on 1940s Pullmans that are powered by 11002000, and 1000 4-6-2 steam locomotives. They stop at all the generic stations along the route, which often consists of the lines crack and express trains run over.

Branch Line trains
These trains are powered by Budd Rail cars, in the case of passenger trains. Meanwhile, 2-8-0s handle most freight trains and mixed traffic trains.

These are mostly 0-8-0s, 0-8-2s, 2-10-0s, small diesels, or outdated steam locomotive models.

BorisFedorov Featured By Owner Oct 22, 2016  Hobbyist General Artist
Yes, I see more influence from my work plus I love the clearer pictures as well. Even though your not crediting me or my sources like you use to do.
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