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Historic hot Spots- The Roanoke Area by mrbill6ishere Historic hot Spots- The Roanoke Area by mrbill6ishere
We are taken at a look at the vast, modern, steam operations on the Norfolk and Western. Ranging from the 1960s, to today. Under a guided tour by comic book author Rob Culkin, and voice director Henry Banks, both employees of Nintendo. The latter of whom shot most scenes in the program while living in Blacksburg during the mid 70s, then also the steam excursions after revenue steam was retired while attending Virginia Tech in the 1990s. This program's pre- 1990 segments are almost entirely steam, except for a few GP diesels and the occasional ALCO PA the N&W bought to pull sections of the Pocahantas.
The bulk of the program takes place in and around the Roanoke area. As far east as Lynchburg and far west as Radford. However, there is also scenes of the Abingdon branch present. 

The J class 4-8-4, class A 2-6-6-4s, and the class Y 2-8-8-2s naturally make up the bulk of the footage. However, plenty of other examples of the N&W's steam power are present. Namely the K series 4-8-2s, M series 4-8-0s, and S series 0-8-0s. 

We start with scenes of the Christiansburg area from when Henry first moved there. This is mainly the Christiansburg branch, with the M class 4-8-0s on local freights and switching duties at Christiansburg. In addition, we see plenty of freight trains with A class and Y class engines at the head. Plus, we see an occasional Z class 2-6-6-2 on a short freight. Passenger trains hauled by the J and K classes are also common. As well as the numerous Southern trains that rode the N&W between Lynchburg and Bristol. 

At this point in the 1960s and 70s, the N&W was, and still is, a subsidiary of the Pennsylvania Railroad. The fact is made apparent not only in the design for the locomotive's smoke boxes. But also in the presence of an immaculate variety of Pennsy steamers as the I1 class 2-10-0s, P6 4-6-4s, and K4 4-6-2s, the latter two of which often pulled sections of two railroad's joint operations like the Chicago to Norfolk "Pocahontas." Other visiting Pennsy steamers include the iconic T1 duplexes and the S3 4-8-6s.

Due to the aforementioned Southern trains using the N&W line, there was also a good deal of Southern motive power in the area. Namely the EMD E8, Ps4 Pacifics, Ms1 Mountains , and the Ds1 duplexes are all seen pulling sections of said trains. As well as on loan by the N&W.

Additional motive power from all around the country is seen. Most notably a Santa Fe 2-8-0 and a Kansas City Southern 2-10-4 triple-heading with a Y6B. (Yes, that really happened.) Plus another Y6b double-heading with a Ds1. Other scenes of foreign power include PRR Q2s, Nickel Plate Berkshires, Lackawanna "Poconos", and even a Union Pacific 2-10-2.

The Virginian is also seen in some areas of Roanoke. Namely after it became a freight only line. However excursions with 4-6-2s 213 and 215 are also seen. While the electrics, Berkshires ad Alleghenies haul their heavy coal train all throughout the railroad into the Roanoke area. There are also all sorts of engines the Virginian acquired from its parent company, the New York Central.

In addition, there is the presence of 4-6-2s 563 and 578. These engines double head popular excursions on the Norton branch-line. 

We also see the Abingdon branch in action. Including its early days of the Virginia Creeper tourist train. Which was an all year around tourist venture.

We conclude our lengthy program with scenes of the Norfolk Southern corporation's steam excursions. Class J 611 and Class A 1218 are shown on several occasions. With 611 and Southern 4501 (having become green by this point) even double heading a few of the joint SOU/ N&W operations. Other NS excursion stars seen include PRR T1 5533, NKP 587 and 765 (the latter double-heading with 1218 on one occasion.) Plus, the last hurrahs for steam operations.

In general, this is a truly enjoyable program for any N&W enthusiast.

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luv it double
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