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Historic Hots Spots- Raton Pass by mrbill6ishere Historic Hots Spots- Raton Pass by mrbill6ishere
We are taken at a look at the vast, steam and diesel operations on the Santa Fe's Raton Pass between Trinidad, CO, and Raton, NM. Ranging from the 1960s, to today. Under a guided tour by cartoonist Ted Culkin, and video game developer Henry Banks, both workers for Chief Studios in Belen, NM. As well as footage by the Montes brothers, who worked with the two.

The bulk of the program takes place in and around Raton Pass. But we later see more in other areas along the line between Colorado and New Mexico. We are treated to an emmaculate variety of native steam and diesel. As well as several steam engines from the recently absorbed Frisco, like their 1500 Mountains and Pacifics. 

The main stars of the program are the AT&SF's numerous passenger train through the area. Often being pulled by the then modern EMD units and ALCO PAs. But there is also a good deal of the 5200 cab forward duplexes and the 2900 series 4-8-4s.

We start with scenes of the Raton Pass. As expected, the majority of the trains are the mainline express trains of the railroad. Namely the Super Chief and the El Paso Chief. Often hauled by diesels, namely EMDs and ALCO PAs. In addition, we see plenty of merchandise trains with both SD diesel and a variety of other Santa Fe steam engines.

Next is a visit to Trinidad, CO. Where the Santa Fe and the MoPac's ex-Colorado and Southern had stops. We see more power here. Like the Blue Goose streamlined Hudsons, which hauled the Denver Chief from Chicago to Denver. 

We conclude our lengthy program with scenes of the 1990s. When steam was finally beginning to be retired to a much larger extent. We also see excursions with such engines as 4-6-2 3415, and 4-8-4s 3751 and 2926.

In general, this is a truly enjoyable program for any steam enthusiast.

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